Fall 2011 Dean's List

Monday, February 6, 2012

The following students have earned their place on UNH Manchester's Dean's List because of their outstanding academic performance during the Fall 2011 semester. The students listed below have earned a cumulative point average greater than 3.2 on a possible 4.0 scale in a minimum of eight graded course credits.

Marialaina Abbene, Biological Sciences
Chandra Adhikari, Biological Sciences
Cheyla Alicea, Business
Lindsay Allen, Communication Arts
Dominic Ayer, Biological Sciences
Brenda Bach, Sign Language Interpretation
Charis Badasarian, General Studies
Becky Baker, Undeclared
Claire Banfield, English
Paul Baravella, Sign Language Interpretation
Chase Baroody, Business
James Bartoldus, Electrical Engineering Technologynology
Daniel Bauer, English
Eric Beikman, Computer Information Systems
Bethany Beland, Undeclared
Jessalyn Benson, Undeclared
Jessica Besong, Biological Sciences
Maren Bhagat, Biological Sciences
Michelangelo Bianchi, Computer Information Systems
Christopher Billings, General Studies
Jessica Bissett, Humanities
Ernest Bisson, Mechanical Engineering Technology
David Blanchette, Biological Sciences
Daniel Boissonneault, Business
Jennifer Brand, Computer Information Systems
Benjamin Brown, English
Michael Brown, Computer Information Systems
Kristin Brown, Business
Eric Brunelle, Business
Melissa Bruno, Computer Information Systems
Jeffrey Bryk, General Studies
Kristen Burd, Business
Meagan Burd, English
Jaime Burgos, Psychology
Derek Burkhardt, General Studies
Karyn Burritt, Biological Sci
Kelly Burton, Psychology
Laura Bush, Psychology
Michael Byron, Business
William Cabana, Computer Information Systems
Carolyn Cadorette, English
Mariah Cahill, Psychology
Scott Callahan, Computer Information Systems
Kayla Capone, Psychology
Andrew Casey, Communication Arts
Kaylee Cass, Psychology
Kyle Charrette, General Studies
Ashley Clark, Business
Nathan Clasby, Electrical Engineering Technology
Kevin Coffey, Politics and Society
Josie Colbert, History
Sean Connolly, Business
Jennifer Cooper, General Studies
Kathy Corey-Fox, Politics and Society
Cassandra Corley, History
Amy Cote, Psychology
Aimee Cournoyer, Communication Arts
Catelin Couture, Biological Sciences
Laura Crocco, English
Rebecca Cronk, Biological Sciences
Andrew Daneau, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Daniel Dawe, Business
Brittany Debelis, Communication Arts
Ryan DeCinto, Business
Alexa Delage, Biological Sciences
Gretchen DeLue, Psychology
Haley Demyanovich, Psychology
Elizabeth Derderian, History
Ashley Dillman, Business
Victoria DiPippo, Humanities
Stephanie Divoll, Business
Thomas Dixon, Communication Arts
Brian Doehner, Computer Information Systems
Yelena Dolzhanskiy, Biological Sciences
Abigail Douglas, General Studies
Michael Dowd, Business
Janessa Doxstader, Psychology
Maxine Drakely, Biological Sciences
Brian Drouin, Computer Information Systems
Paul Dube, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Anes Dulas, Biological Sciences
Ashley Eames, Biological Sciences
Amy Edmonds, Psychology
Matthew Edmonds, Computer Information Systems
Brittany Edmunds, Psychology
Nicholas Edmunds, Undeclared
Robert Englehardt, Electrical Engineering Technology
Sinehan Ercengiz, Business
Kaytlin Estabrook, Business
Jennifer Evans, Biological Sciences
Lindsay Everhart, Psychology
Colleen Fahey, Communication Arts
Felecia Fauvel, Psychology
Jacob Ferdinando, Business
Nancy Fernandes, Biological Sciences
Chris Ferris, Business
Kelsey Fleury, Psychology
Lizandra Fralick, Biological Sciences
Nicole Gagne, Sign Language Interpretation
Renelle Gagnon, Biological Sciences
Brian Gailis, Computer Information Systems
Angelina Gauthier, General Studies
Rudens Gega, Politics and Society
Matthew Gillespie, Communication Arts
Natalie Glisson, English
Samantha Gonzales, Biological Sciences
Laura Gonzalez, Business
Jessica Gorton, Politics and Society
Amelia Gosson, Psychology
Belky Grenier, Biological Sciences
Duyen Ha, Biological Sciences
Ryan Haggerty, History
Shavar Hale, Psychology
Kayla Hall, Business
David Harrington, English
Kerrin Harrison, Business
Dennis Hart, Biological Sciences
John Hasenfuss, Psychology
Barbara Hayes, Psychology
Jinnea Hebert, Psychology
Dakota Heyman, Communication Arts
Ashley Higgins, Biological Sciences
Kara Hillyard, Biological Sciences
Kelly Hinch, Business
Joshua Hough, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Brittany Houghton, Biological Sciences
Beth Hudson, Sign Language Interpretation
Christopher Hughes, Biological Sciences
Michael Hussni, Business
Eric Hutchins, Business
Heidi Hutchinson, Biological Sciences
Zachary Ibanez, Business Admin
Karen Ibey, Electrical Engineering Technologynology
Damir Ibrahimovic, Computer Information Systems
Bianca Jacques, Business
Aaron Jarzombek, Computer Information Systems
Ashley Jennings, Business
Jennifer Jepson, Psychology
Daniel Johnson, Business
Erin Johnson, Politics and Society
Jill Johnston, Biological Sciences
Sarina Johnston, History
Chris Joyce, Biological Sci
Straton Kabalisa, Biological Sciences
Julienne Kapelson, Communication Arts
Adam Karolian, Communication Arts
Norah Katile, Biological Sciences
Amy Keating, Communication Arts
Steven Keeler, General Studies
Emma Kenney, Undeclared
Melissa Kent, Sign Language Interpretation
Megan Kerrigan, Sign Language Interpretation
Sean Khan, Business
Charles Kimball, Politics and Society
Jeremiah King, Psychology
Katelyn Kinney, Business
Kyle Kirwin, History
Elias Koester, General Studies
Wesley Krol, Undeclared
Menchu Laflamme, Biological Sciences
Briana Lafoe, Psychology
Riley Lamontagne, Politics and Society
Cameron Landry, Undeclared
Kelly Lane, Biological Sci
Amanda Laquerre, Psychology
Brendan LaRocque, Electrical Engineering Technology
Rebecca Lavoie, English
Kristin LeComte, English
Jean Marc LeDoux, Business
Joseph Legerstee, Computer Information Systems
Nicholas Lehoullier, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Curtis Lenz, General Studies
Michael Leriche, Humanities
Ryan Lessard, Politics and Society
Kathryn Lessmann, Business
Joshua Linnane, Biological Sciences
Jacob Linxweiler, Communication Arts
Ryan Liston, Communication Arts
Derek Lovely, Mechanical Engineering Technology
John Maddaus, Computer Information Systems
Jessica Mafera, Business
Kristin MaKara, Psychology
Brian Maltais, Electrical Engineering Technology
Mikaela Mandeville, Business
David Manhardt, Undeclared
Mollie Markins, Communication Arts
Allison Marston, Psychology
Tyler Martin, Computer Information Systems
Elizabeth Mason, Undeclared
Rebecca Mason, Biological Sciences
Kevin Mason, Communication Arts
Jonathon Mayland, History
Christina McCann, Biological Sciences
Thomas McCarthy, Computer Information Systems
Kaitlin McGown, English
Keegan McGuinness, Humanities
Rebecca McKinnell, Sign Language Interpretation
Daniel McLaughlin, Business
Rachel Meehan, English
David Meehan, Computer Information Systems
Therese Mehrmann, General Studies
Wendell Mejia, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jonathan Metzger, Communication Arts
Grant Michael, Politics and Society
Molly Miller, Biological Sciences
Derek Minervini, Business Admin
Caitlin Mitchell, Psychology
Joseph Modugno, Biological Sciences
Jared Monterisi, Business
Jessica Moore, Communication Arts
Jesse Morgan, Mechanical Engineering Technology
John Moscarito, Psychology
Kristen Mosher, Business
Lowell Mower, History
Angela Mudd, Psychology
James Mullan, Communication Arts
Kathryn Mullaney, Psychology
Ryan Murphy, Computer Information Systems
Adrianna Neefus, Sign Language Interpretation
Anthony Nicastro, Electrical Engineering Technology
Daphne Nichols, Communication Arts
Bridget Nicol, Business
Samantha Noonan, Psychology
Andrea Norton, Psychology
Jodie Novak, Sign Language Interpretation
Samuel O'Brien, General Studies
Amanda O'Donaghue, Business
Justin Olivier, Business
Terence O'Neill, Biological Sciences
Thomas Ostrander, General Studies
Cali O'Sullivan, Psychology
Jeffrey Ouellette, General Studies
Daniel Ouellette, Psychology
Donovan Pal, Biological Sciences
Eben Palazzolo, Business
Rebecca Paquette, Business
Emily Paquette, Psychology
Sarah Paris, Business
Kendra Parr, Biological Sciences
Sara Parrotto, Psychology
Jillian Pellerin, Psychology
Allison Pelletier, English
Kaeley Pinkham, Biological Sciences
Ryan Pitts, Business
Mitchell Planty, Biological Sciences
Erroll James Ponio, Communication Arts
Ashley Potter, Sign Language Interpretation
Jessica Poznanski, Politics and Society
Alicia Prindiville, Biological Sciences
Ashlee Ranger, Sign Language Interpretation
Luella Rawlins, Psychology
Stefanie Raymond, Computer Information Systems
Kim Remillard, Undeclared
Andres Reyes, Communication Arts
David Ricard, Business
Rosanyi Rivera, Communication Arts
Lindsay Rizzo, Communication Arts
Rachel Roblee, Undeclared
Giselle Rodriguez, Business
Bethany Ross, Computer Information Systems
Derek Rush, Business
Peter Russo, Electrical Engineering Technology
Tesia Sabat, Biological Sciences
Nicholas Sandberg, Electrical Engineering Technologynology
Kelsey Sanders, General Studies
Christopher Savastano, Communication Arts
Alycia Scally, English
Jonathan Schultz, Computer Information Systems
Albi Shegani, General Studies
Irisa Shegani, Biological Sciences
Molly Shellenberger, Sign Language Interpretation
Kaitlyn Shelton, Psychology
Megan Shevenell, Psychology
Cynthia Siemens, Undeclared
Melissa Silveira, Psychology
Lauren Simmons, Biological Sciences
Laura Simpson, Undeclared
Christine Smith, Electrical Engineering Technology
Elvis Smith, Psychology
Courtney Smith, Business
Daniel Sousa, Business
Jill Souza, Psychology
Marc Stanieich, Biological Sciences
Rachael Stanley, Biological Sciences
Patrick Synan, English
Kristen Tejada, Business
Meredith Theriault-Tsiorbas, General Studies
Seth Thompson, Computer Information Systems
Jacqueline Tims, Biological Sciences
Brittany Touchette, Biological Sciences
Therese Tousignant, Psychology
Jillian Trieff, Biological Sci
Kyle Trinward, Business
Kelly Troiano, Business
Amanda Turni, Communication Arts
Karina Valdes, Biological Sci
Justin VanKalken, History
Colleen VanOnselen, Psychology
Matthew Vartanian, Computer Information Systems
Eric Velasquez, Biological Sciences
Rhiannon Vesci, Humanities
Jennifer Waldron, Sign Language Interpretation
Kirsten Walker, English
Brooke Walker, Psychology
Jacquelyn Wescott, Psychology
Ramon Whitman, Computer Information Systems
Katelyn Williams, Psychology
Paul Willis, General Studies
Zoe Willis, Humanities
Daniel Wilson, Biological Sciences
Megan Wisdo, Business
Michelle Wnek, Business
Cedric Woodbury, Computer Information Systems
Katherine Wooff, Psychology
Jessica Zappala, English
Nicholas Zaricki, Politics and Society
Tabatha Zimmermann, Business Admin