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Bachelor Degree Programs

Biological Sciences, B.A.

Business, B.A.
Areas of specialization:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Economics and the Political Economy
  • Business & Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Marketing

Communication Arts, B.A.
Areas of specialization:

  • Media & Cinema Arts
  • News & Public Relations
  • Relational Communications

Computer Information Systems, B.S.
Areas of specialization:

  • Business
  • Communication Arts
  • Database Systems
  • Software Development
  • System Administration

English, B.A.
Areas of specialization:

  • Creative Writing
  • Professional Writing

English Teaching, B.A. New!

Electrical Engineering Technology, B.S.
Option in:

  • Computer Engineering Technology

History, B.A.
Areas of specialization:

  • Early American History
  • Medieval Europe
  • Military History
  • Modern American History
  • Modern European History
  • The Islamic World
  • Western History
  • Women's History

Humanities, B.A.
Areas of specialization:

  • Comparitive Cultural Studies
  • Philosophical & Cultural Ideas
  • Western Culture & Art

Mechanical Engineering Technology, B.S.

Politics & Society, B.A.
Areas of specialization:

  • Law, Justice & Society
  • International Relations
  • Political Sociology
  • Poliltical Economy
  • Political Philosophy

Psychology, B.A.

Sign Language Interpretation, B.S.


5 Year Accelerated Programs

5-Year Master's of Information Technology
5 year-master’s opportunity exists for diligent students admitted to the Accelerated Master’s degree program. UNH students with a 3.2 gpa in their junior year are invited to apply to the program, and if admitted take up to 12 graduate-level credits for dual credit*. For complete details on the program visit the Accelerated Master’s page*.

5-Year Teacher's Education
The UNH Teacher Education program is for current or prospective undergraduate students who are interested in becoming a teacher. This five-year program is an integrated undergraduate-graduate program culminating in a fifth year, year-long internship. Before the internship, students earn a bachelor's degree one of our current undergraduate degree programs.


UNH Manchester bachelor's degree students may earn a minor in any undergraduate discipline designated by the University. A minor can contrast or complement a student's major program of study. Minors provide an added area of specialized knowledge and experience and enhance an academic portfolio for a career or for graduate or professional education.

Students must consult with their major adviser and also the minor supervisor. A minor typically consists of 20 credits with C- or better and a 2.00 grade-point average in courses that the minor department approves. Courses taken on the pass/fail basis may not be used for a minor. No more than 8 credits used to satisfy major requirements may be used for the minor. Students should declare an intent to earn a minor as early as possible and no later than the end of the junior year. During the final term, an application should be made to the dean to have the minor shown on the academic record.