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The English program at UNH Manchester is a tightly knit community of students and teachers who do what they love, in fields ranging from literary study and teaching English to creative writing and professional writing in the digital age. Whatever your pursuit, you'll find a vibrant, supportive environment in which you can master the great traditions and the newest innovations.

English majors thrive in every profession that values communicating with power and precision. Here's what employers and graduate schools know: English majors are superb writers and excellent researchers. They deserve their reputation for asking smart questions, digging into the right sources, arguing ethically, and marshaling all the eloquence the language affords.

As the novelist Ian McEwan observed, "Imagining what it is like to be someone other than yourself is at the core of our humanity. It is the essence of compassion, and it is the beginning of morality." Our program helps you forge the connections that matter most, whether to others at home and at work, to local issues and global perspectives or to a life of meaningful work.

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Explore the core theories of teaching in our Education minor, allowing you to build the skills to inspire others to share your love of learning.


From critical thinking to persuasive and creative expression, the English minor gives you the transferable skills that employers look for.

Professional Writing

Our Professional Writing minor gives you a competitive edge in any industry, exploring in-demand areas like technical writing, social media, journalism and more.

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If you have an interest in a particular area, your faculty advisor will help you select courses that tailor your degree to the future you want. Students in our English program can focus their studies in the following areas:

  • Creative Writing, Journalism and Professional and Technical Writing develops your proficiency in creative writing (fiction, nonfiction and poetry), occupational writing (professional, technical and journalistic) and emerging genres.
  • Literature gives you a body of specialized knowledge with a disciplinary history. With courses in American and British literature, Shakespeare, crime fiction and more, you’ll explore many aspects of the literary world.
  • Teaching English prepares you to be an expert teacher of middle or high school English, with a cost-saving and accelerated path to UNH’s Master of Arts in Teaching. Read more about the English Teaching program.


Our campus is in the heart of the region’s cultural, economic, entertainment and government activity — putting unlimited internship opportunities at your doorstep. We’ve partnered with local businesses to give you the real-world experience that sets you apart. English majors have interned at many high-profile organizations in the area, including:

  • Franco-American Centre
  • Green Alliance
  • Manchester Historic Association
  • Mariposa Museum of World Cultures
  • New Hampshire Historical Society

As an English major, you’ll graduate with a type of expertise that is not just rare, but uncommonly transferable. While some English department alumni immediately put their skills to use in diverse workplaces, others translate their experience into graduate study.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects positive growth in many English-related professions between 2012 and 2024. The skillsets organizations most covet — the ability to think critically, communicate effectively and imagine audaciously — are all central to the mission of our English department. The skills you’ll gain prepare you for a rewarding career in publishing, journalism, digital media, advertising, politics, law, education and more.


Job Title Job Growth Average Salary
Advertising, Promotions or Marketing Manager 9% $124,850
High School Teacher 6% $57,200
Human Resources Specialist 5% $58,350
Middle School Teacher 6% $55,860
Public Relations Specialist 6% $56,770
Technical Writer 10% $70,240
Writer or Author 2% $60,250


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