English Teaching, B.A.

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Shaping skilled English educators through creativity and real-world experience

Inspire others to share your love of reading and writing with our English Teaching program. Considered one of the region’s best, our program gives you the tools, guidance and real-world experience for a rewarding career in English education.

Our faculty are not only master teachers, but thoughtful advisors and mentors to those who see themselves as educators. They offer a diverse spectrum of expertise—from Shakespeare to African literature, from 21st century journalism to deep knowledge of standards-based literacy education.

Our five-year Accelerated Master’s option allows you to work on requirements for your Master of Arts in Teaching degree while still in the bachelor’s program. You’ll spend the fifth year interning at an area school, preparing you to become state-certified to teach English Language Arts.

Combine your passion for reading and writing with theories of learning and teaching literacy—leading you to a career helping students develop the skills they need for a lifetime of learning.


Program Coordinator

Gail Fensom

Associate Professor of English & Director of the First-Year Writing Program

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Our teaching preparation program is one of the region’s most highly regarded, so the skills and experience you’ll gain while pursuing your degree will open many doors for your future.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes the important role teaching plays in our economic future. Teaching positions are projected to grow through the beginning of the next decade — especially in middle school. And the need for educators with master’s degrees is even higher, with an estimated 19 percent growth rate through 2022.

An English Teaching degree doesn’t restrict you to the classroom — the interpersonal and communication skills you’ll gain are valuable to employers in a range of industries.

Job Title Job Growth Average Salary
Adult Literacy or High School Equivalency Diploma Teacher 9% $48,590
High School Teacher 6% $57,430
Instructional Coordinator 13% $60,050
Middle School Teacher 12% $54,456
School Guidance or Career Counselor 12% $53,610
Social or Community Service Manager 21% $59,970
Writer or Author 3% $55,940


Not only will you gain the foundational knowledge to make effective instructional decisions, you will also discover what it means to be a learner-centered instructor. A year-long internship at the graduate level will give you valuable hands-on classroom experience — important preparation for your career in teaching.

Explore the core theories of teaching in our Education minor, allowing you to build the skills to inspire others to share your love of learning.

Teaching, M.A.

Jumpstart your career after graduation with our Accelerated Master’s Program, allowing you to earn your bachelor’s in English Teaching and UNH’s renowned Master of Arts in Teaching in just five years. You’ll be state-certified to teach English Language Arts, and 94 percent of our students go on to teach after completing their graduate degree.

Over 90 percent of graduates from UNH’s teaching program were rated by principals as “very good or excellent” in their knowledge of subject area. With an English Teaching degree from UNH Manchester, you will develop a solid understanding about learner-centered teaching.

Master’s program requirements* include:

  • Twelve 700-level course credits will transfer into the graduate program
  • The fifth year is spent completing a full-time classroom internship (12 credits)

* A total of 32 credits are required to complete a master’s degree

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