History, B.A.

Exploring the past to shape the future

Travel through time in our History program, where you’ll learn to use the past to understand the present — and shape the future. Guided by distinguished faculty, you’ll explore the political, social, economic and cultural forces that shape our everyday lives.

As a history major, you’ll learn to analyze conflicting evidence, to find cause and effect, to express yourself effectively and to ask relevant questions. Through careful observation and evaluation of information, you’ll seek explanations for human events, past and present.

You’ll have the opportunity to study the breadth of human experience, and acquire the skills in critical reading and writing that form the foundation of an educated life — and lead to a rewarding caree

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History majors get the critical thinking, analytical and communication skills that employers in any industry look for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects positive growth in many of the careers that require these skills, creating a wealth of opportunity for history majors.

Whether you want to pursue a career in education, business, government, law or the arts, or go on to get your doctoral degree to teach at a university — the skills you’ll gain in our program will prepare you for a bright future.

Job Title Job Growth Average Salary
Advertising, Promotions or Marketing Manager 9% $124,850
Archivist, Curator or Museum Worker 7% $46,710
High School Teacher 6% $57,200
Historian 2% $55,800
History Teacher, Postsecondary 13% $72,470
Human Resource Specialist 5% $58,350
Middle School Teacher 6% $55,860
Paralegal or Legal Assistant 8% $48,810



Our campus is in the heart of the region’s cultural, economic, entertainment and government activity — putting unlimited internship opportunities at your doorstep. We’ve partnered with local businesses to give you the real-world experience that sets you apart.

“Internships really improve that resume and show not only is this person-book smart, but this person also has demonstrated what they’re looking for as employers.”

John Cerullo, Professor of History

History majors have interned at many high-profile organizations in the area, including:

  • Franco-American Centre
  • Green Alliance
  • Manchester Historic Association and its Millyard Museum
  • Mariposa Museum of World Cultures
  • New Hampshire Historical Society
  • Portsmouth Historical Society


An excellent complement to any degree, a History minor helps you build a foundational understanding of the political, social, economic and cultural forces that influence human life.

Public History

Apply history to the real-world with our Public History minor. You’ll learn to share historical knowledge and methods with the general public through various media and artifacts, giving you solid communication, technical and critical thinking skills in the fast-growing field.

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