Teacher Education (5 year BA / Master's)

  • About This Program

    Five-Year Accelerated Master’s Program for Qualified Students

    The UNH Teacher Education program is for current or prospective undergraduate students who are interested in becoming a teacher.

    This five-year program is an integrated undergraduate-graduate program culminating in a fifth year, year-long internship. Before the internship, students earn a bachelor's degree one of our current undergraduate degree programs.

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11, employment opportunities for teachers is expected to have growth of about 13% through 2018. Opportunities are the greatest in the fields of mathematics, science, and bilingual education and in urban and rural school districts. (www.bls.gov/oco/ocos318.htm#outlook).

    UNH Manchester, in cooperation with the UNH campus in Durham, offers state-approved education programs and is authorized to prepare students for certification in the areas of elementary and secondary education. UNH Manchester’s urban location provides students with a rich learning environment with opportunities to prepare for teaching careers in higher demand.

    Certification under secondary education includes English, English as a second language, and social studies.

    Students who have already earned a bachelor degree outside the field of education are encouraged to apply to the UNH Graduate School.

  • Program of Study

    For the undergraduate portion of the Teacher Education program, students are advised to select a major related to their desired teaching field (for example, English or history.) Several undergraduate majors, including psychology and humanities, are well suited to those with interests in elementary school teaching. Entering freshmen who are uncertain about a choice of major are encouraged to enroll as undeclared majors.

    Graduate students participate in a yearlong teaching internship in a local elementary or secondary school. The internship is usually done as part of a program leading to either the Master of Arts in teaching (M.A.T.) or the master of education (M.Ed.) The internship offers 12 graduate credits. If students attend full-time, both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree may be obtained in approximately five years. The procedural steps involved in the five-year program in teacher education are:

    1. Enroll in Exploring Teaching, EDUC 500. Open to freshmen and above. Recommended for sophomores.
    2. Enroll in teacher education coursework. 700-level courses are open to juniors and above.
    3. Apply to a master's degree program and to fifth-year internship. Students must apply for the fifth-year internship and master's degree program during the fall of their senior year so that they will have enough time to explore a variety of career and/or graduate study options and conclude their program plans before second semester of that year.

    More detailed materials on the teacher education programs are available from the Undergraduate Office of Admissions at 603-641-4150 or the UNH Education Office in Manchester at, 603-641-4163.

  • Minor(s)

    Education Minor

    A minor in Education consists of 20 credits in education department courses. A methods course located in another department may be counted for four of these 20 credits (e.g., ARTS 791 or 792, ENGL 792, MATH 621, 701, 702, 791, etc.).

    Although any 20 credits of Education courses can be used towards a minor.

    The following courses are strongly recommended:
    EDUC 500 Exploring Teaching
    EDUC 700 Educational Structure and Change
    EDUC 701 Human Development and Learning: Educational Psychology
    EDUC 703 Alternative Teaching Models (Methods Course)
    EDUC 705 Alternative Perspectives on the Nature of Education

    Note: EDUC 507 Mentoring Adolescents is a 2 credit course with a full year commitment, therefore, students may use at total of 4 credits to count towards a Minor in Education.

    Note: No more than two transferred courses in Education or a closely-related area from another college or university may be used towards a minor in Education. A three-credit course transferred from another college or school will count for three credits at UNH, not four credits.
    For more information contact the UNH Manchester Education Office at 603-641-4163.

  • Meet Our Faculty

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    Maryann Minard

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    Teacher Education Program
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    Judy Sharkey

    Associate Professor
    Teacher Education Program
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