The University of New Hampshire assesses mandatory fees to support expenses associated with participation in an academic community.  Mandatory fees are defined as fees that all students are assessed as a prerequisite for registration unless specifically exempt.  Mandatory fees are assessed because the services made available through such fees benefit the overall educational experience of students, including academic, co-curricular, health and safety-related and recreational.  It is recognized that not all students will use the benefits and privileges made available by fee-supported activities to an equal extent.  The services and facilities supported by mandatory fees are available to all students.  They are not charged based on the extent of students’ usage of the facilities or services supported by the fees. 

Enrollment Deposit
Newly admitted fall semester freshman and transfer students are required to submit a $200 enrollment fee payment to reserve a space in the incoming class.  Enrollment fee payments are credited as deposits against fall semester tuition bills and are non-refundable.

Students who do not submit enrollment fee payments by the appropriate deadlines are subject to the cancellation of their admissions.  No assurances are possible regarding reinstatement of an admission offer that has been canceled as a result of a missed enrollment fee payment.

There are three easy options to pay your enrollment deposit:

1. Pay online

*Debit or credit card payments will be charged an additional 2.75% service fee that is non-refundable.

If you haven't set-up your account go to: (

2. Pay by check via postal mail to the address below. Please include student name, student ID or date of birth.

UNH Manchester, Student Accounts
88 Commercial Street
Manchester, NH 03101

3. Pay in-person at the Student Accounts Office in the UNH Manchester Students Services Suite located at 88 Commercial Street on the fourth floor.

Admin. Fee/New Admits
The new student administrative fee supports First Year Experience initiatives, transfer student programming and related undergraduate initiatives to support new students’ transition and success. The fee will be assessed once for new admits at the rate of $200 and is non-refundable.

Health Insurance
The University of New Hampshire requires health insurance as a condition of enrollment for full-time degree students at its Durham and Manchester campuses. Students will have the option of waiving this requirement if they present proof of adequate coverage; alternatively, students can acquire an affordable health benefits plan sponsored by the university.  The health insurance fee is assessed each semester.

Information about the University’s Student Health Benefit Plan, cost, and enrollment/waiver processes can be found at

Registration Fee
A non-refundable registration fee of $20 will be charged once each semester at the time of registration for each student.

Security/Parking Fee
A non-refundable mandatory security/parking fee of $20 is required of all registered students at UNH Manchester. This fee will be assessed once each semester and will entitle the student to a parking permit. When picking up the permit, UNH Manchester Security Services staff will provide a complete explanation of where student parking is located and the proper use of the parking permit. UNH Manchester Security Services staff also routinely patrols all student parking areas.

Technology Fee
The technology fee is assessed of all registered students each semester. The fee funds and supports student and instructional technology. The technology fee is $96.50 for full-time students and $48.25 for part-time students. Students registered for 4 credits or fewer will pay $23.50. The technology fee is non-refundable.

Student Activity Fee
The student activity fee of $75 per semester provides opportunities for student involvement and funding for programs, major public events, movies, and other entertainment. This fee also supports undergraduate student organizations and their activities. The fee is monitored by the student group Student Activity Fee Allocation Council.

Course and Lab Fees
Some courses carry special fees to cover the cost of labs, special equipment, materials, field trips, studios.  Course and laboratory fees are non-refundable.  Course fees are noted in the course descriptions and the semester time and room schedule.