Home Schooled Students

Admission Information for Home Schooled First-Year Students

We welcome applications from students who are receiving their secondary level education at home and we value the different perspective "home-schooled" students bring to our classroom and community. With as many as two million students receiving their secondary education at home, we view home-schooling as simply another viable and well established means of preparation for the transition to college or university.
You are a home schooled student if you are receiving your secondary school education from your parents or through an accredited distance learning program. Our admissions criteria for home-schooled students are the same as for those students who receive their diploma through the local public school system or through a traditional private secondary school.

Additional Information

In evaluating your preparation for admission to UNH Manchester, we focus primarily on the quality of your academic preparation, particularly as it relates to the major you wish to study. We value strong, consistent achievement in a diverse and progressively demanding selection of courses.
Although we will consider your accomplishments in every discipline, we encourage students to study English, foreign language, mathematics, natural science and social science each of the four years during secondary school education.
We are also interested in learning how your personal interests and talents have developed over the past few years. We will review your responses to the questions on our application and evaluate your letter(s) of recommendation. We also encourage you to highlight your experience or leadership in local activities such as sports organizations, community service, or other extracurricular activity.

Enrollment Documentation Required for Home Schooled First-Year Students

(Please refer to the “First Year Students” Admissions Criteria for a complete list of supporting documents and test requirements.)
If you choose to enroll at UNH Manchester, you will need to provide documentation of successful completion of your secondary level studies in the form of a final transcript, a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or a certificate of completion from your local school district or state board of education. If your home school program does not provide a "diploma" please feel free to contact us admissions@manchester.unh.edu or 603-641-4150 to discern the final documentation we will require before your enrollment.