Student & Alumni Stories

Alex Scripcenco

When you first meet Alex Scripcenco, you might be hard pressed to find a hint of an accent behind his excellent English. But for this graduate student, English is a second language after Russian and followed by conversational Romanian.

Ashley Potter

Ashley Potter is a senior Sign Language Interpretation (SLI) major who transferred from Nashua Community College (NCC) in 2010.

Victoria (Torie) DiPippo

Victoria (Torie) DiPippo is a third year Humanities major (focusing on French) who has so far left an impressively selfless mark on the UNH Manchester community.

Sinehan Ercengiz

Sinehan Ercengiz is a junior Business major expecting to graduate from UNH Manchester spring of 2014. She has never exhibited anything but hard work and determination, having graduated from Pinkerton Academy with a 4.00 GPA. Unsurprisingly, she applied and was accepted to Northeastern University, UNH Durham, and Cornell University.

Daphne Galatas

If you do not already know Daphne Galatas, you should. She is a remarkable every-woman: dancer, soccer player, serious student, and humanitarian.

Miranda Dube

Having initially applied to UNH Durham, Miranda received a letter from UNH Manchester, a notice of her acceptance to the urban campus. It was confusing, she admits, but learned that the Durham campus had forwarded her application to the urban commuter school. She stepped through the UNH Manchester doors with an open mind and fell in love.

Andres Reyes

Andres Reyes is more than just a signature ponytail and baseball hat. He graces the hallways of UNH Manchester with creative determination and a hunger to help. When he is not working, studying, wrestling, or writing, Reyes is busy coordinating musical, artistic, and generally inspiring events for the UNH Manchester community.

Melissa Bruno

Who says CIS majors have to be nerdy and shy? Melissa Bruno, a ’09 graduate of Pinkerton Academy and a sophomore at UNH Manchester, defies nerdy negative stereotypes with her active involvement on campus.

Fotini Palogaris

Fotini Palogaris is a senior psychology major at UNH Manchester and has been here since the fall of 2009. A woman of many talents, she participates in both performing arts clubs on campus: Milling Around and Brick and Mortar. She also leads SAFAC, which allocates funds to all of the clubs on campus.

Allison Pelletier

Allison Pelletier is the perfect example of the UNH Manchester opportunity.