Welcome to the UNH Manchester Chapter of the UNH Alumni Association

The UNH Manchester Chapter advocates for UNH alumni who earned their degrees in Manchester. Through programs and services, the UNH Alumni Association develops a spirit of loyalty to the University, engaging and serving alumni, student, parents, faculty and staff, and the public. WildCat World is your connection to the benefits and resources available to you. However, the UNH Manchester Marketing and Community Relations Office is your link to the resources at UNH Manchester. Keep us informed, get involved, stay connected, and contact us for more information.

Reasons to Stay Connected to the UNH Manchester Chapter of the UNH Alumni Association

  • Your company or organization needs a person to conduct a market study or to develop a social media campaign. Connect to UNH Manchester's Internship Program to develop an internship opportunity and recruit a student intern to conduct the study.
  • Your access to UNH library resources continues after you graduate With your UNH Alumni card, you may borrow books, films and other materials at the Manchester and Durham libraries.To obtain a card, simply stop by the library with a valid driver's license.
  • You're moving to Wisconsin and need housing and a job. You visit WildCat World locate the UNH Alumni Association Chapter in Wisconsin to get advice and establish a local network for your search.
  • Your company is replacing office computers and laboratory equipment. You contact your CFO to suggest donating the working equipment to UNH Manchester.
  • You’re looking for a guest speaker to address your professional or community organization and connect to the UNH Speakers’ Bureau
  • While attending UNH Manchester you met many interesting people, but have lost touch over the years. You receive a copy of the most recent MillWorks, learn about friends' achievements and get a chance to reconnect. In the next issue, you read your story.
  • It's time to advance your career. You explore graduate opportunities offered through the UNH Graduate School Manchester campus or visit Career Services and begin searching.
  • Making plans for the weekend? UNH Manchester event calendar is a great place to start. Consider programs in the Sidore Lecture Series, bring your family to a concert, or view a film and engage in the post-screening discussion. Most events are free and open to the public.