Celebrating Student Success at Honors Convocation

Friday, May 9, 2014
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The University of New Hampshire at Manchester will recognize the academic achievements of more than 130 students at Honors Convocation on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

Honors Convocation, one of the university’s largest academic ceremonies, gathers administrators, faculty, staff and students to celebrate academic success. The proceedings begin at 6:00 PM at the Executive Court Banquet Facility in Manchester, NH.

UNH Manchester Associate Dean Daniel Reagan will lead the proceedings which include remarks from UNH Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Lisa MacFarlane. Humanities major and Presidential Scholar Jessica Bissett was selected as this year's student speaker. John Cerullo, professor of history and the 2014 Teaching Excellence Award recipient, will give the faculty address. The program includes recognition of 24 Presidential Scholars and 63 University Scholars. The program will also recognize students who have been invited to join Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Theta honor societies, as well as students who are receiving the following awards: Writing Across the Curriculum, Undergraduate Research Conference Awards, and Academic Program awards.

Student speaker Jessica Bissett of Manchester plans to pursue a career in the field of human rights and social justice after graduation. This commitment emerged from her study of the efficacy of Truth and Reconciliation commissions and Restorative Justice as alternatives to Punitive Justice, subjects which formed her concentration on social justice. Bissett received the Humanities Book Award in 2012 and the Humanities Program Award in 2013. She was the 2014 recipient of the Dr. Margaret Pobywajlo Award for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence for her scholarly research in the field of social justice. At the 2014 Honors Convocation she will receive the Humanities Program Award and two Writing Across the Curriculum awards.

The following students will receive awards for academic achievement in their undergraduate degree program:

Presidential Scholars
Presidential Scholars must have earned 100 credits by March 10, 2014, of which at least 64 are UNH graded credits, and have a 3.70-4.0 cumulative UNH grade point average.

Joshua Anderson, BS, Computer Information Systems
Jessica Bissett, BA, Humanities
Eric Brunelle, BA, Business
Jeffrey Bryk, BA, Business
Anna Buchar, BS, Sign Language Interpretation
Thomas Burton, BS, Electrical Engineering Technology
Kathy Corey-Fox, BA, Politics and Society
John Danis, BS, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Thomas Duff, BA, Business
Chris Ferris, BA, Business
Yonatan GenaoBaez, BS, Electrical Engineering Technology
Samantha Gonzales, BA, Biological Sciences
Jinnea-Brianne Hebert, BA, Psychology
Ashley Kennedy, BA, Biological Sciences
Jeremiah King, BA, Psychology
Quoc Le, BA, Psychology
Elizabeth Mason, BA, Communication Arts
David Meehan, BS, Computer Information Systems
John Moscarito, BA, Psychology
Angela Mudd, BA, Communication Arts
Samuel O'Brien, BA, History
Ilyssa Sherman, BA, Psychology
Michelle Wnek, BA, Business
Jessica Zappala, BA, English

University Scholars
Baccalaureate degree candidates must have earned 100 credits by March 10, 2014, of which at least 64 are UNH graded credits, and have a 3.20-3.69 cumulative UNH grade point average.

Associate degree candidates must have earned 32 or more credits by March 10, 2014, of which at least 12 are UNH graded credits, and have a 3.20 - 4.0 cumulative UNH grade point average.

Chandra Adhikari, BA, Biological Sciences
Shane Allen, BA, Business
Sophie Allen, AA, General Studies
Audrey Ameen, BA, Biological Sciences
Christopher Bouchard, AS, Business Administration
Michael Brown, BS, Computer Information Systems
Derek Burkhardt, BA, Biological Sciences
Brianna Cameron, BS, Sign Language Interpretation
Ronald Corkum, AS, Biological Sciences
Catelin Couture, BA, Biological Sciences
Daniel Dawe, BA, Business
Jeffrey Deming, BS, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kenneth Drews, BS, Computer Information Systems
Callie Ficek, AA, General Studies
Nicole Gagne, BS, Sign Language Interpretation
Brian Gailis, BS, Computer Information Systems
Shayla Gannon, BS, Sign Language Interpretation
Adam Gerhold, BA, English
Matthew Gott, AS, Biological Sciences
Kayla Halde, AS, Biological Sciences
David Harrington, BA, English
Kerrin Harrison, BA, Business
Casey Hoefer, BS, Electrical Engineering Technology
Peter Hood, AS, Business Administration
Emily Hurst, AS, Biological Sciences
Mark Isabelle, BA, Biological Sciences
Marissa Johnston, BA, Biological Sciences
Melissa Kent, BS, Sign Language Interpretation
Kristin LeComte, BA, English
Jennifer Lee, AS, Biological Sciences
Curtis Lenz, BA, Communication Arts
Joshua Linnane, BA, Biological Sciences
Kayla Mackiewicz, BS, Computer Information Systems
Joshua MacPherson, BS, Electrical Engineering Technology: Computer Technology
Frank Marowitz, BA, Biological Sciences
Matthew McBride, BS, Electrical Engineering Technology
Thomas McCarthy, BS, Computer Information Systems
Keegan McGuinness, BA, Humanities
Stephanie McQuaid, BA, Biological Sciences
Therese Mehrmann, BA, Biological Sciences
Robert Merrill, BSET, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Grant Michael, BA, Politics and Society
Lisa Miserandino, BA, Biological Sciences
Scott Mithoefer, AS, Biological Sciences
Briana Nelson, BA, Communication Arts
Alexandria Nicoll, BA, English
Rebecca Nolan, BS, Sign Language Interpretation
Eben Palazzolo, BA, Business
Kelsey Perrin, AS, Biological Sciences
Patrick Phair, BA, Communication Arts
Jeremy Provencher, BA, Biological Sciences
Tesia Sabat, BA, Biological Sciences
Kelsey Sanborn, BA, Psychology
Sean Schmidenberg, BA, History
Sean Stafford, BA, History
Marc Stanieich, BA, Biological Sciences
Patrick Synan, BA, English, Politics & Society
Valentin Vacariu, BS, Electrical Engineering Technology
Sinisa Vidic, BS, Computer Information Systems
Kiara White, BA, English
Ramon Whitman, BS, Computer Information Systems
Katelyn Williams, BA, Psychology
Catherine Winter, BS, Sign Language Interpretation

Program Awards
Scott Webster, Biology Program Award
Jeffrey Bryk, Business Program Award
Elizabeth Mason, Communication Arts Program Award
David Meehan, Computer Information Systems Program Award
Yonatan GenaoBaez, Engineering Technology Program Award
Patrick Synan, English, Politics & Society Program Award
Samuel O’Brien, History Program Award
Jessica Bissett, Humanities Program Award
Jinnea-Brianne Hebert , Psychology Program Award
Rebecca Nolan, Sign Language Interpretation Program Award

Emerging Writer Award
Melissa Jacob, general studies

Writing Across the Curriculum Award Winners
Jessica Bissett, humanities
Mark Isabelle, biological sciences
Rachel Meehan, English
Keegan McGuinness, humanities
Samuel O’Brien, history
Galen Sturup, psychology
Patrick Synan, English, politics & society

History Program Book Awards
Jessalyn Benson, history
Raquel Gawron, history

Humanities Program Book Awards
Keegan McGuinness, humanities
Jeffrey Ouellette, humanities

Undergraduate Research Conference Awards
Patrick Synan, Oral Presentations
Raquel Gawron, Poster Presentations
Michael Lang, Cinema Arts Presentations
Brian Gailis, Computing Technology Poster Presentations
Yonatan GenaoBaez, Engineering Technology Presentations

Phi Beta Kappa Recognition
Stephanie Cofrin, business
Kaley Letendre, English
Alexis Scargill, communication arts

Phi Alpha Theta Recognition
Jessalyn Benson, history
Kevin DeNaro, history
Mark Elliott, history
Raquel Gawron, history
Sean Lavelle, history
Jacob Linxweiler, history
Laura Maxwell, history
Samuel O’Brien, history
Thomas Rhoades, history
Ryan Sanborn, history
Katie Sarette, history
Sean Schmidenberg, history
Sean Stafford, history