IMPACT Rewards Card Program

The IMPACT rewards program is a continuing program here at UNH Manchester that rewards students for participating in events throughout the semester. In order to participate, you must bring your IMPACT rewards card to each event that you attend and get it scanned at each eligible event.

Participation in this program is completely voluntary, and you can win various prizes and awards throughout the semester. Look for new IMPACT events starting the first day of the semester!

Previous IMPACT Raffle Winners

Spring 2012
1st Prize ($200 cash) - Torie DiPippo
2nd Prize ($100 cash) - Ashley Potter
3rd Prize ($50 cash) - Ryan Lessard

Fall 2011
1st Prize (Sony Google TV) - Miranda Dube
2nd Prize (Garmin Nuvi GPS) - Katherine Childs
3rd Prize (Flip Ultra HD 3rd Generation Video Camera) - Lindsay Everhart

Spring 2011
1st Prize (LiveScribe Echo Smartpen) - Khatari Ghafari
2nd Prize (Flip UltraHD Video Camera) - Dan Raineri
3rd Prize (1 Year Subscription to Netflix) - Alex Herbert

Fall 2010
1st Prize (Garmin ForerunnerGPS Watch) - Eric Soha
2nd Prize (Amazon Kindle) - Jinnea Herbert
3rd Prize (Sony Cybershot Camera) - Andres Reyes

May 2010
1st Prize (Apple iPod Touch) – Kelsey Carlson
2nd Prize (Dragon Naturally Speaking) – Liz Lannon-Goodwin
3rd Prize ($75 Gas Card) – Jen Silva

December 2009
1st Prize (Netbook) – Merridith Landry
2nd Prize (LiveScribe) – Justin Couture
3rd Prize ($75 Gas Card) – Ryan Liston

May 2009
1st Prize (Nintendo Wii) – Evan Gomes
2nd Prize (Apple iPod Touch) – Erin Dudley
3rd Prize ($75 Gas Card) – Allison Powell

December 2008
1st Prize (Nintendo Wii) – Roxanna Shinall
2nd Prize ($100 Bookstore Gift Card) – Zahra Essa
3rd Prize ($75 Gas Card) – Josh Albair

Complete Rules & Regulations


Winners of the prizes are required to report any taxable winnings to the IRS on their own behalf. Winners of the prizes will be included on any future advertisements. Odds of winning depend on the number of attendees at events.

Rules and Regulations:

I’M Participating in Activities, IMPACT, is a completely voluntary program open to UNH Manchester undergraduate students. To participate in the program, you must bring your card with you to be scanned. Points will be awarded for activities and meetings throughout the year.