Using MyUNH

MyUNH Help

Access to WebMail, Blackboard Course Materials, and WebCat

MyUNH is a gateway to UNH Manchester electronic services. The portal allows students, faculty and staff to manage academic and extracurricular activities and other online resources in one customizable environment. MyUNH provides students with access to WebMail, Blackboard course materials and WebCat for course registration, grades, bills, and other information. All of these services are available through a Web browser that you can use at home, work, or the computer labs.

Check MyUNH frequently for news and announcements as well as your course work. Not all courses will have Blackboard activities, but there are important announcements so you should login to MyUNH regularly.

MyUNH Username and Password

Every UNH Manchester student receives a MyUNH username.

To locate your Username and create a Password follow these directions:
  • Open the MyUNH page in your browser window at
  • Select the "Login Help" tab and choose "New User?" Follow the prompts for information to learn your username and create a complex password. (If the form does not accept your middle name, try your middle initial or leaving the middle name field blank.)
  • Be sure to create a Security Question in this section so you can reset the password yourself in the future.
  • If you know your username but forgot your password, select the option "Need Help Logging in?" and use your security question to reset your password.
  • Forgot your security question? Check the self help prompt








If you can't create a new password, call the UNH Help desk (603-862-4242), Manchester IT (603-641-HELP), or stop by the Learning Commons Help Desk on the second floor for assistance..

Non-degree students:

Your account will be active 24 to 48 hrs after you register and pay for your courses.

If all else fails, call the UNH Help desk (603-862-4242), Manchester IT (603-641-HELP), or stop by the Learning Commons Help Desk on the second floor.