Student Services

Early Alert

What triggers an Early Alert?
  • Poor Academic Behaviors (A student falls asleep in class, does not take notes, is not prepared for class, or has not purchased course materials)
  • Poor Attendance (A student has missed two (2) consecutive class meetings or has missed more than four (4) classes total)
  • Poor Work on Assignments (Three (3) or more assignments demonstrate consistent failing scores or patterns of error)
  • Assignments Not Turned In (Two (2) or more major assignments have not been turned in
  • Poor Quiz/Test Performance (Student’s scores on firsts quiz or tests are in the D or F range)
  • Other Discrepancies (Student demonstrates a pattern (two or more incidents) of uncivil behavior)


When should an Early Alert (EA) be sent?
  • Alerts are most effective when sent early in the semester (2nd – 7th week of class)
  • Weeks 2-3: Alerts sent primarily to students who have missed several classes or not turned in class work
  • Weeks 5-7: Alerts sent to students not in attendance or who have missed major assignments
How do I submit an Early Alert?

You can complete a hard copy* located in the Faculty Suite mail room OR submit the form online. *Please select Submit an Early Alert from the drop down menu before submitting the form.

* Hard copy forms can be placed in the First Year Experience Office mailbox in the faculty suite.


Submit an Early Alert Form