Laptop Lending Policy

The UNH Manchester Library laptops are available for use in the library by current faculty, staff and students. Laptops can be checked out at the Circulation Desk upon the presentation of a valid UNHM ID* and a signed Responsibility and Liability Statement. Students are financially responsible for loss, theft or damage to the laptop or any or its components or accessories.

The laptops have limited programs available for use, e.g. Microsoft Office, as well as Internet Explorer and Netscape. Students may access the University's wireless network with library laptops.

*We reserve the right to request a second form of identification for verification.


Only currently enrolled students, faculty and staff with a UNHM ID will be allowed to checkout library laptops. Students must be in good standing with the UNHM Library. To remain in good standing students must not exceed $20 in fines or have a hold on their account for other infractions and must have previously returned borrowed laptops in good condition.

Duration of Availability

Laptops may be used in the library for up to 3 hours and may not be renewed. Laptops must be returned 1 hour before closing.


Overdue fines are $5 per hour. Partial hours will be billed at the full hourly overdue rate. Overdue fines are non-refundable. Once a student willfully removes a laptop from the library it will be considered lost at closing time and a full replacement charge (current market value) plus a non-refundable $75 billing fee will be applied to the patron's account. If the laptop is returned in good condition, the replacement charge is credited to the patron's account. The fines and billing fee will not be forgiven.

Checkout Guidelines

  • Patron must present a UNHM photo ID
  • Patron must sign the Laptop User Agreement, Responsibility and Liability Statement
  • Laptops do not leave the library
  • Patrons may check out one laptop at a time
  • Laptops are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, they cannot be reserved ahead of time
  • The library will not "hold" a checked-out laptop while a borrower leaves the library.
  • Patrons need to save data to their personal disks or email account, all files saved on the hard drive will be cleared automatically at shut-down
  • The library is not responsible for damage to personal disks or for the loss of any data during the loan period
  • Laptops must be returned by the same patron that checked out the laptop
  • When the laptop is checked out and again when it is returned, the patron and a member of the library staff will go through the checklist. Do not leave laptops on the desk. Failure to complete the checklist at check-in will result in laptop privileges being suspended for the balance of the semester.
  • Library staff members are not responsible for teaching patrons how to use hardware or software packages
  • Patrons assume full responsibility for any damages, theft or loss while in possession of the library laptop
  • Patrons must abide by the University's Acceptable Use Policy: