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CAE tutors work with students in writing, math, science, business, languages, and a range of other subject areas. Check out the biographies below to learn more about our diverse student and professional tutors. Interested in becoming a tutor? Click here. Peer tutors:

  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA and have excelled in subjects they tutor
  • Take a rigorous tutor-training course
  • Earn nationally-recognized certification through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
  • Receive close mentoring and support from the CAE professional staff



Alan is a history major entering his junior year. He aspires to be a history teacher after graduating, and looks forward to tutoring as a means of getting involved in education. Alan is a veteran returning to school after a bit of a break.


Alyssa is a senior psychology major who tutors writing and psychology classes. This is her second semester tutoring and she is looking forward to continuing to tutor until she graduates in May. For graduate school, she is applying to communications disorders programs with the hope of becoming a speech language pathologist.


Becky is majoring in biology with the hopes of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in biology and then getting her certification as a Medical Lab Technician. She is a senior at UNH Manchester expecting to graduate in fall of 2015. She became a tutor after realizing how fulfilling it was to help her fellow classmates in subjects like chemistry and psych stats. She chose to tutor in writing because she hopes she can help give direction to her fellow classmates who struggle with ideas and structure when writing papers.


Brianna is a junior Psychology major beginning her first semester as a UNH tutor for Statistics. She previously tutored high school math. Her professional goals include attending graduate school with a focus in the area of speech and language pathology. Her interests beyond academics include reading, hiking, canoeing, and swimming.


Bruce is a third year biology major entering his first year as a tutor. He plans to obtain an MD/PhD in biochemistry and to work as a physician scientist researching infectious disease and other medical ailments. Bruce enjoys tutoring the sciences and writing because he loves helping others, and is passionate about science and education.


Christen is a Business major in her second year at UNH. This is her first year as a tutor and she will be tutoring Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Her academic goals are to learn as much as possible and to always be challenged in order to broaden her horizons. Her career plans are to contribute as much as she can to society and to make a difference in the world. What she likes about tutoring is the opportunity to help others.


Christine is a Professional Science Tutor and part-time adjunct instructor who holds a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in adult education, and a BS in Biology focusing in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. A UNH alum, Christine is thrilled to be at UNH Manchester, noting “The diversity, academic commitment, and tight knit community of UNH Manchester students makes this a dynamic and inspiring place to be.” She tutors content for all of the science courses in the biology major and writing in the science discipline, and excels at helping students discover and refine the study skills that will bring them success. Christine also teaches a variety of biology labs, summer biology lecture courses, and STEM Scholar cohort courses, and works with students in ongoing ecology field research projects. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor sports with her family and dogs, and dabbling in the visual arts.


Connor is a Psychology major in his second year at UNH Manchester. He tutors undergraduate writing and serves as a class link for ENGL 401 First Year Writing. Connor is also the president of the on-campus charitable group, Be Involved, and he hopes to hold a position as an educator in the future. Connor became a CAE tutor because he enjoys working with peers, and likes to encourage them to ask questions in order to better their chances for success.


Jenna is a biology major who is in her sophomore year. On top of her interest in science, she enjoys writing and has always had a passion for it. In the future she plans on becoming a pharmacist.


Jinnea, currently a senior psychology major, is a writing and psychology tutor. As a peer tutor she hopes to help students improve their studies, research, and writing skills. Regarding her career path, her main goal is to work in an environment where she can significantly help others. On campus she loves getting involved within the UNH Manchester community; in fact, she is a Study Activities Promoter for the university. In her free time she loves to play guitar, hang with friends, travel, eat and sleep! She is excited to work as a CAE writing tutor and looks forward to helping others grow academically.


Jonathan is a Biology major in the class of 2017. This is his first year having tutoring as a job, and he plans to tutor math (Algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus). He plans to maintain his position on the Dean’s List after all the hard work he put in to get there. After college, he plans to either be a veterinarian, physician, or nutritionist/personal trainer. He plans to tutor because he enjoys helping people that need his help to fulfill important goals, like passing classes.


Julian is a second year CIS major who has been tutoring for a total of one semester in math (up to Calculus), and programming om Java and HTML. He plans to obtain a BS in CIS and to become involved in a career in either network administration or database management. The thing he likes most about tutoring is experiencing subjects he thought he knew in a different light through the tutee perspective.


Justin is beginning his first semester as a mathematics tutor. He is a junior and is studying mechanical engineering at UNH Durham. After he completes his undergraduate degree, he aspires to get a master’s degree in biomedical engineering or ocean engineering. During his free time, Justin enjoys running, swimming, snowboarding and reading.


Katherine is a first-time writing tutor, majoring in Communication Arts. She is currently enrolled as a senior here at UNH Manchester. She considers writing a strong suit of hers and is looking forward to helping others. Although she is unsure of what the future holds, after graduation Katherine plans on participating in the Disney College Program for the second time.​


Katie is a history major at UNH Manchester. She is a junior and has been tutoring students for over a year in writing and history. After graduating, Katie plans on going to graduate school to get her master’s in Education. Every semester she looks forward to meeting new students and to help them master their writing skills.

Kim D.

Bio coming soon!


Laura is a Psychology major who is the primary support tutor for Nutrition, and also tutors writing. She is very close to sophomore class standing, and plans to pursue graduate school after obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Her eventual goal is to obtain a PhD. She plans to be a practicing Psychologist and teach college courses. She enjoys helping others, and tutoring is a great way to accomplish that.


Michael is currently in his senior year as a biology major. After graduating from UNH, he hopes to being studies to become a dentist. This is his fourth semester tutoring for the CAE in math and sciences – what he enjoys most about tutoring is being involved among students and helping them achieve their academic goals.


Rachel is an English major at UNH Manchester. As a writing and finite math tutor, she enjoys working with students and helping them reach their academic goals. Outside of school, Rachel likes to read, write, and draw.


Ryane is a non-traditional student with a prior B.A. in Economics, which he obtained in 2009. He is a Biological Sciences major and is a member of the class of 2016. Ryane’s current tutoring areas include General Chemistry and Biology, and will hopefully expand to include Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. He loves the sciences and he loves working with fellow students to help them learn and have a deep understanding of the material. Ryane is the founder and president of UNH Manchester's Pre-Dental Society and he enjoys being involved with the campus in many ways. Ryane is applying to dental school in June 2015 and he looks forward to one day owning his own dental practice!


Sara is in her junior year pursuing a dual degree in psychology and sign language interpretation. After UNH Manchester, Sara hopes to continue her education to become an art therapist of clinical psychologist. Sara loves participating on campus and spends her time with student activities or other classmates. She is also a dedicated cat lover. Sara is extremely excited for this school year and looks forward to working with peers to further their educational goals.


Thomas is entering his junior year at UNH Manchester, and his second semester as a writing tutor. Thomas is a history major, while minoring in education, and hopes to become a teacher at the secondary level. Tutoring has been beneficial in that it has provided rudimentary skills and techniques that will translate easily into a teaching career.


Victoria (Torie) is a senior in the Humanities department. She is returning after her first semester of tutoring excited to create a new group of Francophiles. She loves French culture, movies, and pastries, and studied abroad in Paris for 4 months during the Spring ’13 semester.


Vanessa is a biology major and is about to begin her first year of tutoring. As a sophomore, she is continuing to focus her education on ecology and sustainability in hopes to have a career that helps improve the environment. This upcoming academic year, she will be tutoring students in Spanish and statistics. Vanessa believes the best part of tutoring is getting to be a bigger part of the college community and spending more time on campus with students and staff.

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