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CAE tutors work with students in writing, math, science, business, languages, and a range of other subject areas. Check out the biographies below to learn more about our diverse student and professional tutors. Interested in becoming a tutor? Click here.

Peer tutors:

  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA and have excelled in subjects they tutor
  • Take a rigorous tutor-training course
  • Earn nationally-recognized certification through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
  • Receive close mentoring and support from the CAE professional staff

Alyssa F.

Alyssa F. is a psychology major and freshman at UNH Manchester who tutors statistics. She attended Joe Blasco School of Makeup Artistry to learn special effects makeup prior to attending UNH Manchester. In her extra time she also does some other interesting things such as aerial silks. She is super excited to be tutoring for the CAE and is looking forward to helping others learn statistics!

Alyssa P.

Alyssa P. is a junior psychology major who tutors writing. After graduation, she plans to attend either a master’s of social work or a counseling program, and work with disadvantaged children and adults.


Andrew is a CIS major, who tutors Math 301 and Computer Information Systems courses. He is a six year US Army veteran in his freshman year, and pursuing a career in mobile technology development.


Angela is a sophomore psychology major. She is excited to work as a CAE writing tutor and looks forward to helping others grow academically. Her interests outside of UNH Manchester include fashion, being with friends, and outdoor activities such as biking and stargazing.


Brenda is a professional math tutor whose main goal is to assist the tutors working at the CAE. She received her BS from Boston College in Nursing and returned to school at UNH Manchester to take math courses in her quest to become a licensed math teacher. While taking courses she tutored at the CAE in writing and math. She recently returned to UNH Manchester, and looks forward to working with the tutors in building their skills in assisting other students academically, while tutoring herself in various math courses and writing. She is in the process of reviewing masters programs in teaching and plans to begin taking courses in the spring.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and dog and is a voracious reader.


Christine is a full time, professional tutor whose primary focus is to support students in the sciences. She earned her BS in biology from UNH Durham, but did much of her coursework here at UNH Manchester and is happy to be back in Manchester’s smaller campus community. Christine enjoys working with students to help them develop the skills they need for success. In addition to tutoring, Christine is completing her Med.


Emily is an undergraduate student majoring in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Fluid Dynamics. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. She in enjoys helping students through tutoring to pass on an excitement to delve further into math and engineering subjects.


Jinnea, currently a senior psychology major, is a writing and psychology tutor. As a peer tutor she hopes to help students improve their studies, research, and writing skills. Regarding her career path, her main goal is to work in an environment where she can significantly help others. On campus she loves getting involved within the UNH Manchester community; in fact, she is a Study Activities Promoter for the university. In her free time she loves to play guitar, hang with friends, travel, eat and sleep! She is excited to work as a CAE writing tutor and looks forward to helping others grow academically.


Julian is a CIS major who tutors CIS courses and math. He is planning to have a career in either network security or database management after graduation.


Katie is a sophomore and a history major at UNH Manchester. She is a writing tutor who looks forward to helping other students become more successful in their academic career. In her spare time she watches the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. Katie also enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.


Kim is a math, science and writing tutor currently in her sophomore year at UNH Manchester. She is pursuing a degree in biomedical science with a pre-veterinary focus, and hopes to attend graduate school to become a veterinary surgeon. As a tutor, Kim is dedicated to helping other students achieve their educational goals, and welcomes the opportunity to sharpen her own skills. In her free time, Kim volunteers at a veterinary clinic and enjoys outdoor activities, caring for her animals, and reading scientific literature.


Laura is a writing tutor and is currently in her second semester here at UNH Manchester. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in English. With these degrees, Laura aspires to be a historical editor and believes that being a writing tutor will help improve not only other students’ skills, but her skills as well. As a tutor, her goal is to assist students with their writing skills in order to simplify their learning experiences. When she is not studying or working, Laura loves reading, shopping, and spending time with her friends and family. Laura is looking forward to helping students grasp a better understanding of writing!


Margaret Pobywajlo was the Director of the Center for Academic Enrichment (formerly the Learning Center) from 1990 to 2011. Prior to becoming the director, she was an instructor of Freshmen Composition, Writing about Reading, Public Speaking, and Introduction to College Reading and Writing. Margaret received her Ph.D. in Education from UNH in 2004. She is a frequent presenter at local and national conferences concerned with learning assistance, teaching and learning styles, tutor development, developmental education, and tutoring ethics. Margaret is serving as a Professional Writing Tutor for the Spring 2014 semester.


Michael is tutor for Calculus for Life Sciences, Psyc Stats, and Biology. He is a third year biology student who plans to further his education in medical school. As a tutor, he looks forward to helping students feel more confident in applying mathematic principles and understanding the mechanisms of biology. Michael is a Manchester, NH native and in his free time enjoys performing music, hiking, running, cycling, and competing in road races and triathlon sprints.


Rachel is an English major at UNH Manchester. As a writing and finite math tutor, she enjoys working with students and helping them reach their academic goals. Outside of school, Rachel likes to read, write, and draw.


Scott is biology student in his junior year who tutors a various sciences, including Biology and Chemistry, in addition to, math and writing. The sciences fascinate Scott and his goal is to attend medical school.

Before enrolling at UNH, Scott studied film production and produced/directed over a dozen award winning films. His passion for film, writing, philosophy, and creative thought make him proficient as a writing tutor. In his first year at UNH, with the help of fellow CAE tutors, he received two Writing Across the Curriculum awards.

Scott is taking a full course load, which makes tracking him down difficult at times, but he loves the privilege of working with fellow students.


Thomas is a history major, with a minor in education. He is looking forward to pursuing a career in education as a high school history teacher.


Victoria is a Humanities major in her junior year at UNH Manchester. She is a Francophile who loves all things French. She studied abroad for a semester in France, and wishes to pursue her passion for the French culture in the future, wherever that may be.

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