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We know the experience students have during their first year of college sets the tone and foundation for their ongoing success. The First Year Experience is UNH Manchester’s commitment to helping you lay a strong foundation for success and to get the most out of college. FYE begins at orientation and spans through your return to classes in your second year.

The formula for success in the first year appears simple: make friends, embrace the academic demands of college work, participate in activities, and seek out people who can help in time of need. FYE is the cornerstone upon which you learn what it means to do university-level work, how to use campus resources, and how to get involved in opportunities on-campus and in the City of Manchester. It is comprised of multiple experiences for students to participate in workshops, student life, research opportunities and community conversations. At its core, FYE programs encourage students to seek intellectual and social competence.

UNHM First Year Experience focuses on:

  • Integration of knowledge gained in courses, experiences, and student life
  • Skills and interaction needed for success in the university
  • Developing supportive relationships with peers, faculty and staff
  • Exploring civic responsibilities as an educated person
  • Engaging in UNHM’s diverse cultural life