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General Questions

What are pending items
Pending items are anticipated credits that appear on your billing statement. These pending items are used to offset the balance due on your account. They may be loans or scholarships which have not yet arrived or monthly payments which are not yet due. Pending items may require further action. For more information go to MyUNH and check your financial aid status in WebCat.

What if I don't pay or pay late

Non-payment can result in late fees, and may result in students being disenrolled from classes. Any outstanding balance could cause a financial hold which prevents registration and the mailing of transcripts and diplomas.

What are the most common causes preventing from being financially clear?

  • Unpaid balance on student account
  • Reducing payments by anticipated aid without proper backup documentation
  • Stafford or Perkins Master Promissory Note is not signed
  • Entrance counseling for Stafford or Perkins Loans has not been completed
  • Missing Financial Aid documents

I stopped attending classes, can I get a refund?
In order to qualify for a refund, you must officially drop the course with the registration office and follow the refund deadlines as outlined on the Registration page. Notifying your professor without filing an official drop-course form does not qualify you for a refund.

Manchester Undergraduates

When are payments due?
For UNH Manchester Advance Registration, Fall 2014, the payment due date for your tuition bills is August 7,2014. Billing statements are issued monthly if accounts show a balance due. Payment is due upon receipt.

If you register after July 10, 2014, payment is due at the time of registration

Graduate Students

When are payments due?
Tuition and fees are due in full each semester by the first day of classes. Monthly billing statements are issued if accounts show a balance due, and payment is due monthly upon receipt.

How can I pay my bill
UNH accepts personal checks, credit cards, electronic checks, bank checks and money orders. Cash must be delivered in person only. Wire transfer is also available. Contact Durham Business Services for account information. Credit card payments through Visa, MasterCard, America Express, and Discover are also accepted for graduate students. There will be a service fee of 2.75 percent charged for credit card payments effective summer semester 2014.

I have an assistantship. May I use payroll deductions to pay my balance?
Yes. Grad students who receive a University paycheck may use payroll deduction. A form is completed, giving the Payroll Office permission to deduct a specific amount (based on your account balance). Please submit your form prior to the start of the semester. (See Payroll Deduction Form)

Other questions

Have other questions not listed here?
Please feel free to contact Office of Student Accounts by phone at (603)641-4137 or 641-4165 or email: