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Students who have not been admitted to a UNH Manchester degree program are called continuing education or non-degree students. These students are limited to register for no more than 11 credits (usually two 4-credit courses). In order to take 12 or more credits as a non-degree student, you must petition for Full-Time Special Status through the UNH Manchester Office of Undergraduate Admissions. They may be contacted at (603) 641-4150 or

FTSS students are those who have previously demonstrated the ability to handle college-level work. This means those who had a strong college-preparatory program in high school and/or those who have already successfully completed college courses and are not working full time.

Required documents to be submitted to the Admissions Office:
1. Completed petition (available in the Admissions Office) with application fee of $20
2. Official high school transcript or GED
3. Official transcript(s) from each college that you have previously or are currently attending
4. Notarized residency statement, if applicable

Students registered for more than 11 credits are assessed full-time undergraduate tuition and fees.