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Emergency Health And Safety Committee (EHSC)

The charge of the Emergency, Health and Safety Committee (EHSC) is to assure a safe work environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors through the creation and maintenance of effective safety and health programs. It is the responsibility of the Committee to establish appropriate health and safety policies, programs and procedures in accordance with federal regulations and guidelines that cover workplace safety and emergency preparedness.

Purpose & Scope

The University of New Hampshire at Manchester (UNHM) acknowledges its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment and to educate the UNH community about workplace safety and health. The EHSC reports to the UNHM Dean and the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs on matters related to emergency preparedness, industrial hygiene, and workplace safety compliance. Specific tasks include:

  • Develop, review, and update written programs and procedures to ensure compliance with OSHA, New Hampshire Department of Labor and other applicable regulations, and recognized consensus safety standards.
  • Serve as an advisory body to the UNH Environmental Health and Safety Committee on policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students, and visitors at UNHM.
  • Obtain and analyze available data on past injuries and illnesses, identify trends, and suggest appropriate corrective actions.


  • Review EHSC Charter at least annually.
  • Communicate workplace safety and health policies and procedures to academic and administrative Departments.
  • Ensure that Departmental personnel are in compliance with workplace safety and health policies, procedures, and training requirements as laid forth in each approved occupational safety or health program.
  • Inform faculty and staff of changes in rules and recommendations of various government agencies concerned with workplace health and safety.

Organization and Management

The EHSC is a deliberative body which is representative of the University community, and includes members from academic and administrative divisions on campus. It is the committee's responsibility to advise the Dean, and to administratively coordinate the various safety-related efforts of the university community.


Full voting membership of the EHSC includes the Director of Administration and Finance, the Associate Dean, the Facilities Manager, the Director of Information Technology, the Director of Human Resources, the Supervisor of the UNH Police working here, the UNH Director of Environmental Health and Safety and the UNH Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety. In addition, the UNHM Biosafety Officer and Chemical Safety Officer are designated as ex-officio non-voting members. Chair and Vice-Chair are elected for 3 year terms with a majority vote. The EHSC Chair shall be a member of the UNH Environmental Health and Safety Committee.

Attendance, Alternates, and Replacements

Regular attendance shall be anticipated at UEHSC meetings. In the event a member or designee leaves UNH, membership is automatically terminated. Changes to membership and designated attendance shall be documented in writing by the Chair.

Meetings, Agenda, and Quorum

The EHSC meets at least once during each calendar quarter, or more frequently, at the discretion of the Chair. A quorum consists of fifty per cent of its then present membership. All voting members present are entitled to vote. Between meetings, interim decisions by a majority of all voting members via a mailed ballot or email, but such decisions shall not be considered final until ratified by vote at a called meeting of the EHSC. Parliamentary procedures shall be determined by Robert's Rules of Order, as appropriate. Individuals who cannot attend an EHSC meeting due to a University-sponsored event or sabbatical should appoint a designated alternate to serve during their absence. The name of the designated alternate shall be provided to the committee chair. The designated alternate has voting rights.

Reports, Records, and Minutes

The minutes of the EHSC meetings, together with all reports submitted to the EHSC, serve as official documentation of items discussed and action taken. The minutes of each meeting shall include the date of the meeting, the members present and absent, a summary of deliberations and discussions, and recommended action items. Following each meeting, minutes shall be posted on the appropriate Blackboard site.