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CLAS 510: Building Rome in Italy
4-credit course designed to teach students about the development of the Roman city both in its broad aspect (urban planning) and its architecture and art history. Students will have a 4-day mini course on-line, aimed at preparing for the on-site portion of 9 days in the field in Rome, Paestum, and Pompeii. There, the instructors will lecture at major monuments and museums, and the students will be asked to perform several on-site investigations. CLAS 510 fulfills the Discovery Fine Arts requirement.

FREN 503, Intermediate French in Montreal, Quebec
4-credit course at the Université de Québec à Montréal (UQAM). This course is the same course as 503 on campus with the addition of 9 hours of conversation with a native speaker, 20 hours of field trips, and a home stay for full immersion. Conducted in French. Review of grammar with emphasis on the development of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, and on culture. Discussion in French of literary and cultural readings. Labs and films. Special fee. (3 weeks in January)

HMGT 698, Cruise Ship Management
4-credit course that explores through text and on board experience key areas of Cruise Ship Management: Food and Beverage, HR, Finance, Yield Management , Front Office, Housekeeping, Safety, Security, Sanitation, and Interporting. Students will participate in a 12-day cruise that sails round trip from New York City, January 06- 18, 2013, after brief class time in Durham during the Fall Semester. HMGT 698 counts as an elective for majors and minors in Hospitality Management.

MEFB 616, Tropical Wetland Ecology in Grenada
West Indies 4-Credit course for students with an interest and background in botany, coastal ecology and restoration, and conservation. Prerequisites include BIO411/412. This field-based course taught in Grenada, West Indies, will provide an introduction to the physical, chemical and biological processes that form and sustain tropical coastal plant communities with an emphasis on mangroves and seagrasses. Plant adaptations to various environmental stresses will be examined over a range of habitats. As a dynamic ecosystem affected by both natural and anthropogenic disturbances from hurricanes to large-scale development, major environmental impacts and pressures will be examined first hand, and conservation and management actions will be discussed. A variety of on-going, community-based coastal habitat restoration and ecological monitoring sites will be visited. Student participation in management actions will be encouraged through interaction with local students, volunteers, and representatives from governmental environmental agencies and several non-governmental organizations.

N794, Global Health in Ghana
2 credits course provides for an immersion, active learning experience in the Ghanaian health care system focusing on the challenges of rural care in the context of a rapidly developing country. This short-term study abroad course aims to immerse students in the culture and health care system of Ghana, offering an experiential learning opportunity to meet the course objectives. The travel dates of this program are tentatively leaving Boston on January 5, 2012 and returning to Boston on Monday January 23, 2012.

POLT 543: The Politics of Costa Rica
4 credit, 3-week UNH Political Science course is complemented with guest lectures and field trips with our partners at the International Center for Development Studies in San Jose, Costa Rica. For more than half a century, Costa Rica has been touted as the democratic success story of Central America. While the rest of the region has struggled to overcome authoritarian legacies, Costa Rica has been a trailblazer on the path to democracy. The successful establishment of democratic political institutions and political culture has been coupled with a series of other innovations, including the abolition of the military, investments in human capital, and the balance of economic development with sustainability. This course is designed to explore the many facets of Costa Rican exceptionalism. Under the direct onsite supervision of a UNH faculty member, students will combine the study of Costa Rican politics with field research in Costa Rica. This field research will include trips to government agencies and other political organizations, as well as periodic lectures by Costa Rican political actors and scholars.

RUSS 525M - Russia: Mythology and Propaganda in Moscow
4-credit class that explores the relationship between mythology and culture as a part of the cultural identity of the Russian people, before the 1917 Revolution, during the Communist period, and since the fall of the Soviet Union. Focus on pre 1917 Slavic pagan, Christian, and folk mythology vis-a-vis Western mythology, on 20C propaganda and control of the "public mind" designed to reshape national identity and on the current deconstruction, reform, and rebirth of the old mythology. Prior to departure, students will work on Blackboard with readings and films. In Moscow, there will be field trip classes and special lectures, as well as 15 hours of "survival Russian" language classes. Upon return, students will complete their work on Blackboard and on a project. Russ 525M satisfies the same General Education and Discovery category requirement.

THDA 532: The London Experience
2-credit course packs in a busy schedule as we see the many amazing sights and take in some of the best theatre in the English speaking world. The course offers an insight into the politics, society and culture of London and the United Kingdom as we walk through 2000 years of history. A wonderful opportunity to learn about one of the greatest cities in the world as we travel to the United Kingdom for 9 Nights/10 Days during the J term period. The London Expedience is an official UNH study abroad program.