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UNH Manchester has a range of classroom AV equipment for academic programs and student organizations. Students interested in reserving AV equipment (or classrooms) need their instructor (or student organization advisor) to make this request on their behalf. Since AV is subject to availability, make your request as early as possible.

If needed, an AV demonstration can be given. Just have this noted on your request. Typically, this can be scheduled 10 minutes prior to your class.

Presentations can be saved on a flash drive, online, or email. Be sure to copy any materials (such as offline video or audio files) your presentation uses as well. If possible, test this backup on a different computer from where it was created (such as a computer in the Learning Commons) to ensure it runs properly.

If the room you are in does not have a resident computer, you can check out a laptop from the Learning Commons. If you plan on connecting your own device to our AV, also save a backup using one of the above methods. Presenters with non-VGA devices (such as a Mac laptop) should bring their device's VGA adapter to connect to our AV or save their presentation using one of the methods described above.

If any AV you requested is not in your classroom at least 10 minutes prior to class or any AV is not working, inform the Learning Commons Help Desk.

For more info, call 641-4102 or visit room 339.