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UNH Manchester charges for printing in the labs, library, and Center for Academic Enrichment. The system prevents unnecessary waste and promotes responsible printing. UNH Manchester is not responsible for lost cards and the value it holds. Protect your Print Card.

Purchase a card for $1 at the vending system on the first floor (next to stairwell). Cards can be reused. Record your name on the back of the card.

Add value to the card at the same dispenser. You can add up to $50 on a card by inserting $1, $5, $10 or $20 dollar bills.

Lost cards with names on them are turned in to the Computer Lab Attendant who will return it to you when you show a picture ID.

How Print Cards work:

  • Enter your name and title for each print document
  • When you finish your research or lab work, go to one of our three print stations
  • Enter your name on the computer at each printer
  • You will see a list of print jobs you created and the price to print each one (single sided printing = 8cents/page; double sided printing = 12cents/page)
  • Place your Print Card in the "card reader"
  • The current value on your print card is displayed
  • Once you select and approve the print documents, your card will be debited.
  • Click Logout from the Print Screen and your card will be ejected from the reader.
  • UNH Manchester print cards are not accepted on the UNH campus computers and copiers. Our print charges are equal to UNH charges.
  • Money collected at the dispenser is used to pay for the system and print consumables.