American Sign Language & Deaf Studies Minor

Two female students conversing in American Sign Language

The American Sign Language and Deaf Studies minor gives you the foundational knowledge and skills to become more involved with the Deaf community. You’ll acquire basic fluency in American Sign Language, all while gaining a sociocultural perspective on Deaf culture.

To earn a minor in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, you must complete 24 credits, with no individual grade lower than C-.

Students must take these courses:

  • ASL 435 - American Sign Language I
  • ASL 436 - American Sign Language II
  • INTR 438 - A Sociocultural Perspective on the Deaf Community

Plus three elective courses from the following:

  • ASL 531 - American Sign Language III
  • ASL 532 - American Sign Language IV
  • INTR 539 - Comparative Linguistic Analysis for Interpreters
  • ASL 599 - Special Topics in ASL/Deaf Studies
  • ASL 621 - Advanced ASL Discourse I
  • ASL 622 - Advanced ASL Discourse II

Program Coordinator

Jack Hoza

Program Director and Professor of Sign Language Interpretation

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An important part of learning any language is moving beyond the classroom lessons to become more comfortable in real-life situations.

The ASL lab helps you advance your skills, giving you valuable practice in grammar and vocabulary through communication exercises with Deaf lab facilitators and members of the Deaf community.

ASL is a visual language, so the lab includes a video room to record your progress, which allowing you to receive valuable feedback from your professors and peers.

Course Schedule

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