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Leadership through innovation, collaboration and real-world experience

Located in the economic heart of New Hampshire, our Business program gives you the skills, resources and connections to become a successful, innovative leader. Small class sizes offer you individualized attention from faculty, while our vast network of business partners gets you the practical experience employers want.

Our faculty members bring years of industry experience to the classroom, and their flipped-classroom approach means you'll apply concepts and theories to real, hands-on work. Senior capstone brings your learning to life through an internship or project at a local business, while senior seminar sharpens your interview, networking and personal budgeting skills. 

This highly interdisciplinary program is designed to explore your interests and prepare you for a lucrative career, offering areas of focus in:

  • Accounting (transcripted degree option)
  • Business economics
  • Business & technology
  • Human resources
  • Management
  • Marketing

Working hand-in-hand with local businesses through internships, capstone experience or involvement in our award-winning Enactus program, you'll get the real-world experience and leadership skills that today's employers look for.

Program Coordinator

William Troy

Program Coordinator and Senior Lecturer of Business, Internship Coordinator for Business

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If you have an interest in a particular area, your faculty advisor will help you select courses that tailor your degree to the future you want. Students in our Business program can focus their studies in the following areas:

  • Accounting*: Learn how to keep a business “in the black” with courses like Advanced Managerial Accounting and Auditing. 
  • Business Economics and the Political Economy: Explore how business affects politics and society both domestically and abroad.
  • Business & Technology: Study the emerging aspects of business, from multimedia applications to web authoring.
  • HR Management: Learn the aspects of human resources and services with courses on training and development and labor laws.
  • Management: Strengthen your leadership skills, and get the techniques to manage and motivate a team of employees.
  • Marketing: Learn to create and publicize the campaigns that help businesses grow and get noticed.


* Accounting is a degree option that appears on the official UNH transcript and diploma.

To get your B.A. in Business, you’ll complete 128 credits between courses for the UNH Discovery Program and your major. Below is an example of what your four-year course sequence in this program might look like. Courses are subject to change.

Download a copy of the major sheet

First Year - Fall Semester

  • UMST 401 – First Year Seminar:
    The focus of this seminar in not on a specific academic subject or field of study; instead, the focus is on the student. This course is intentionally designed and proactively delivered for the purpose of promoting personal success-in college and in life after college--by fostering the development of skills or strategies that are both applicable and valuable across subjects. The course focuses on the following topics: college expectations and opportunities, campus resources, learning styles and strategiesincluding lecture note-taking, test taking, memory and concentration; life management, goal setting, educational planning, career decision-making, health maintenance, diversity and instructor/student relationships. The course integrates personal growth, academic and career success with problem solving, critical and creative thinking.
  • ENGL 401 - First Year Writing, or Inquiry Course:
    Training to write more skillfully and to read with more appreciation and discernment. Frequent individual conferences for every student. 
  • MATH 420 - Finite Mathematics:
    Topics selected from probability, systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, linear programming, mathematics of finance. 
  • BUS 400 - Introduction to Business:
    Introduces the study of business: examines the origins and development of American business, its place in a global economy, and its legal and ethical roles in modern society. Includes an overview of the functional areas of business such as finance, marketing, and organizational behavior. Designed for business majors as well as for students considering a major in business.
  • Foreign Language I

First Year - Spring Semester

  • COMP 411 - Introduction to Computers:
    Beginning course on computer technology, specifically microcomputer systems. Emphasis is on (1) using computers to manage information for personal and professional applications and (2) the impact of computer information technology on today's society. Software applications used include word processing, spreadsheets, database, and graphics. Independent lab activities are a major part of the course content. 
  • ECN 412 - Introduction to Micro Economics:
    Studies the behavior and interaction of fundamental decision-making units in an economy, especially consumers and business firms. Applies such economic principles as scarcity, supply and demand, and elasticity to a variety of social issues. Topics include the resource allocation problems of households and business firms, economic theories of social problems (such as crime, divorce, and discrimination), and the economic implications of government policies affecting the environment, the workplace, and industrial organization.
  • ENGL 401 - First Year Writing, or Inquiry Course:
    Training to write more skillfully and to read with more appreciation and discernment. Frequent individual conferences for every student
  • Foreign Language II

Second Year - Fall Semester

  • ECN 411 - Introduction to Macro Economics:
    Studies how an economy functions. Develops measures and theories of economic performance to study such issues as unemployment, inflation, international trade and finance, and the level of national production. Examines government policies designed to correct for unemployment and inflation with close attention to the use of fiscal and monetary policies in the U.S. 
  • BUS 430 - Business Statistics:
    The use of statistical methods for managerial decision making. Emphasis is on understanding concepts, including inferences from sample data and model formulation, as aids in decision-making. Lab: Using class-focused statistics problems, designed to provide opportunity to develop course-specific problem solving strategies; to adapt from mathematical to statistical thinking; to analyze and communicate significance and meaning of numerical outcomes; to develop course-specific test taking prowess.
  • BUS 532 - Introduction to Financial Accounting:
    From a decision-maker's point of view, students will participate in a seminar involving middle and upper-level managerial responsibilities, as well as discussions concerning "state-of-the-art" methodologies appropriate to all levels of management. Case studies and group projects will be combined with informal lectures and discussions involving such areas as strategic planning, action planning techniques, policy-making, managerial ethics, decision-making methods, control systems and the integration of all resources for optimum performance. Course offering contingent upon adequate demand.
  • Discovery Course

Second Year - Spring Semester

  • BUS 533 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting:
    Emphasizes how organizational managers use accounting information to support their functions of planning, control, and decision making. Examples taken from corporations, small business, and not-for-profit organizations.
  • BUS 610 - Marketing Principles:
    Studies the process of planning and distributing goods and services to the marketplace. Topics include product planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Emphasis on the application of marketing principles to real world business cases. 
  • Discovery Course
  • Discovery Course

Third Year - Fall Semester

  • BUS 620 - Organizational Behavior:
    Applications of behavioral science concepts to work settings. Topics include worker incentives and perceptions toward work, group versus individual decision making, conflict resolution, interpersonal and leadership skills, and the study of other behaviors relevant to effective managing of a business organization.
  • COMP 510 - Computer Information Systems:
    Investigates the role and impact of computer applications on computer information systems in general and specifically as applied to business requirements. Surveys the components of a computer information system; explores computer information systems in areas such as manufacturing, medicine, education, and government; discusses the issues of computerizing information resources. Directs attention to computer information systems in business and identifies the need for and function of formal systems development methodologies.
  • Business Concentration Course
  • Elective Course

Third Year - Spring Semester

  • BUS 601 - Financial Management:
    Study of investment, finance, and dividend decisions of the business firm. Topics include capital budgeting, designing and issuing securities, management of working capital and evaluating manager performance.
  • Business Concentration Course
  • Business Concentration Course
  • Elective Course

Fourth Year - Fall Semester

  • BUS 705 - Business Ethics:
    Analysis of ethical issues that arise in contemporary business practice, both domestically and locally. Topics will include ethical issues concerning labor practices, marketing, financial services, environmental practices, human rights, and emerging technologies. Students will be taught to recognize, analyze, and address ethical challenges as they arise in their careers. Consideration will also be given to public policies and global ethics codes that inform business decision-making. 
  • Business Concentration Course
  • Business Concentration Course
  • Discovery Course

Fourth Year - Spring Semester

  • BUS 750/760 - Business Seminar:
    A seminar course in which students report on and discuss their business internship experiences. Selected group readings and written and oral student presentations.
  • Business Concentration Course
  • Elective Course
  • Elective Course


As the largest undergraduate major in the U.S., studying business opens doors to limitless career and graduate education opportunities. The skills you’ll develop can be translated to an impactful career in virtually any field, from finance to marketing to government and more.

The demand for business-savvy graduates is growing, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting positive growth in many related professions between 2012 and 2024. Not only are your career possibilities vast, but many also come with lucrative salaries.

Job Title
Job Growth
Median Salary
Accountant or Auditor 11% $67,190
Administrative Services Manager 8% $86,110
Advertising, Promotions or Marketing Manager 9% $124,850
Budget Analyst 3% $71,590
Compensation and Benefits Managers 6% $111,430
Financial Analyst 12% $80,310
Management Analysts 14% $81,320
Market Research Analyst 19% $62,150
Human Resources Manager 9% $104,440
Personal Financial Advisor 30% $89,160


Our campus is in the heart of the region’s cultural, economic, entertainment and government activity — putting unlimited internship opportunities at your doorstep. With access to more than 7,000 businesses in the area, you can get your foot in the door with a special research project or an internship, which 95 percent of our business students complete. We’ve partnered with local businesses to give you the real-world experience that sets you apart. Business majors have interned at many high-profile organizations in the area, including:

  • Advance Technology
  • Alpha Loft
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Stay Work Play

Enactus is an international organization dedicated inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. In our award-winning Enactus program, junior- and senior-level students tackle real projects that help the community, working closely with local small businesses, nonprofits or entrepreneurs. learn more

Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone is an integrative project that lets you apply your classroom learning to real-world business scenarios for industry partners. Using the knowledge and skills you’ve gained over the last four years, you’ll tackle three cases for clients in areas such as finance, marketing, community outreach or organizational management. 


Enhance your degree with our Business minor, which gives you a foundation of desirable business skills and a valuable credential to add to your portfolio and resume.


Our Entrepreneurship minor is designed to give you the mindset, skills and experience to start your own venture or enhance the success of existing businesses.


Add to your marketability with the Forensic Accounting minor, which gives you the skills and techniques to examine, detect and prevent fraudulent activity in a range of business, governmental and legal venues.

Politics & the Economy

Add a breadth of perspective to your degree with our Politics & the Economy minor, helping you land a career in government, public service, business, communications or law.

View all minors

In partnership with the New Hampshire Community Colleges below, we've developed curriculum guides to show you which courses at your community college will transfer into UNH Manchester's Business program. 

Click on a community college below to see transferable business requirements. See the complete list of Pathways. 

Questions? Contact an Admission Counselor for help.

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