Digital Media Option

student working in communication arts editing suite

Students choosing the Digital Media option will use coursework and hands-on learning to explore the intersections of technology, creativity and artistry with a focus on audio, video and web-based media. Students gain a comprehensive overview of the different stages of a digital media project, from writing and pre-production through production and post-production. Courses cover topics such as web authoring and multimedia, audio and video production, social media and public relations, ethics and law in the digital age, and motion graphics. An internship in the area of digital media is required.

Digital Media Curriculum:
I. Select three of the following courses (one must be COMP):

COMP 405 Introduction to Internet and Web Authoring
COMP 415 Mobile Computing First and For Most
COMP 515 Multimedia: Introduction and Applications
CA 500 Media Writing
CA 514 Fundamentals of Video
CA 515 Advanced Video Production
CA 517 Fundamentals of Audio
CA 518 Advanced Topics in Digital Media (4 total credits needed)

II. Select one of the following courses:

CA 531 History of Advertising
CA 540 Public Relations
CA 542 Social Media
COMP 560 Ethics and Law in the Digital Age

III. Select one of the following courses:

CA 610 Communication Technology and Culture
*CA 795 Independent Study
*CA 720 Seminar

IV. Complete one, four-credit Digital Media Internship with advisor approval

* Topic must be related to digital media

For more details on the Digital Media Option, please contact Program Coordinator Jeff Klenotic.