Human Relations Option

human relations class

Students choosing the Human Relations Option explore practical, theoretical, and historical perspectives on the study of human relationships in professional and personal contexts. With so many of today’s employers emphasizing the value of human communication skills in potential employees, the HR Option offers students the knowledge and hands-on learning they need to develop their oral and written communication skills, as well as their ability to work in teams. Coursework covers topics such as verbal and nonverbal communication, perception, identity, conflict, human resource management, power, health, social psychology, human development, and counseling.  An internship in the area of human relations is required.

Human Relations Curriculum:
I. Select four of the following courses (at least two courses must be above the 400 level):

ANTH 411 Global Perspectives on the Human Condition
BUS 455 Management of Human Resources
CA 506 Gender
CA 507 Relational Violence
CA 508 Conflict in Relational Communication
CA 520/550 Special Topics (topic must be related to human relations)
CA 539 Communicating in Families CA 542 Social Media for Organizations and Business
INTR 438 A Sociocultural Perspective on the Deaf Community
PSYC 401 Intro to Psychology
*PSYC 552 Social Psychology
*PSYC 581 Child Development
*PSYC 582 Adult Development and Aging
*PSYC 762 Counseling
*PSYC 791 Advanced Topics: Adult Development and Aging

II. Select one of the following courses:

CA 601 Exploring Relationships
CA 612 Narrative
CA 614 Communication and Power
CA 795 Independent Study (topic must be related to human relations)
CA 720 Seminar (topic must be related to human relations)

III. Complete one, four-credit Human Relations Internship, with advisor approval.

* Please be aware of prerequisites

For more details on the Human Relations Option, please contact Program Coordinator Jeff Klenotic.