Educational Administration & Supervision, Ed.S.

Todd A. DeMitchell

The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) program is designed for educators who have a master's degree in educational administration or its equivalent. The program provides advanced preparation for careers as school superintendents, assistant superintendents, business managers, state program of education personnel, vocational education coordinators, curriculum coordinators, and educational personnel in private organizations or institutions of higher education. Once a student has successfully completed the program, he/she is eligible for certification as a New Hampshire superintendent.

The Ed.S. program is offered at the UNH Durham and UNH Manchester campuses. Several of the courses are offered in a hybrid format and several are offered on Saturdays.

New Hampshire Principalship Certification

The principalship option of the Ed.S. is designed for those students who do not hold a master’s degree in school administration or principal certification. After a transcript review, these students may be required to take up to five additional courses, two of which will count as electives for the Ed.S. Once the student has been admitted to the Ed.S. and the courses stipulated in the admission letter have been met, the student will be eligible for principal certification even though the Ed.S. degree has not yet been completed.

The five courses we screen for this program include:

  • School Finance/Budgeting (EDUC 962)
  • School Law (EDUC 967)
  • Educational Supervision (EDUC 965)
  • Introduction to Educational Evaluation (EDUC 972) or a graduate research course
  • Seminar in Curriculum Study (EDUC 953), a broad based, not content specific, curriculum course such as EDUC 960 Curriculum Development
Program Contact

Todd A. DeMitchell

John and H. Irene Peters Professor of Education & Professor of Justice Studies

Email | Phone: (603) 862-5043

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Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

  • Fall Admission: Rolling
  • Spring Admission: Rolling
  • Summer Admission: Rolling

Applicants for financial assistance should complete their applications by February 15 to ensure consideration for the following academic year. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications should be sent directly to the Dean of the Graduate School.


The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree has a minimum of 36 credits including an internship and field project. 

Core Courses (20 credits)

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
EDUC 964 Human Resource Administration 4
EDUC 968 Collective Bargaining in Public Education 4
EDUC 971 School Facilities Management 4
EDUC 973 Policy, Politics & Planning in Education 4
EDUC 977 Leadership: The District Level Administrator  4

Elective Courses (8 credits)

In consultation with their advisers, students choose electives from courses offered by the Department of Education and other departments.

Concluding Experience (8 credits)

Abbreviation Course Number Title Credits
EDUC 974/975 Administrative Internship and Field Project  8

A Education Specialist (Ed.S.) student who does not hold a master’s degree in administration may be required to take additional prerequisite courses of which two may be counted as electives.

Praxis I Core Academic Skill for Educators (CORE) Information

While the program in Administration and Supervision leads to certification as a superintendent in New Hampshire, the state may require that the applicant for an administrative credential pass a state mandated test.

The State Department of Education requires that all applicants for a credential pass the PRAXIS CORE test.

Please contact the State Department of Education for further information regarding the state mandated test.

Courses are subject to change. Please view the UNH Graduate School course catalog for more information.


Course Descriptions 

The Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.) option in Leadership in Counseling requires a minimum of thirty-six (36) credits in counseling and administration coursework. The program is designed to meet the requirements for certification by the New Hampshire State Department of Education for Guidance and Counseling Director. Certification has not yet been approved by the New Hampshire State department of Education. Graduate students interested in New Hampshire certification must discuss this option with the faculty advisor prior to starting the program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the program must possess a master’s degree in counseling and hold certification as a school counselor. The applicant must also have completed a minimum of three years of paid service with progressively responsible experience in the field of school guidance and counseling, with recent leadership experience.

Course Credits

The option in Leadership and Counseling requires a minimum of 36 credits. However, if prerequisites listed below have not been met prior to admission to the program, the total number of credits may exceed the minimum of 36 credits.


The following three courses, or their equivalents, must be completed before the required courses can be taken:

  • EDUC 919 Counseling Practicum: Professional and Ethical Orientation
  • EDUC 932 Society & Culture: Contemporary Issues in Counseling
  • EDUC 933 Developmental Models of Comprehensive School Guidance

Required Courses: 24 Credits

  • EDUC 934 Current Issues in Counseling (This course will be developed. It will focus on current issues in counseling that administrators encounter. This is the final course with a final paper.)
  • EDUC 964 Human Resources in Education
  • EDUC 967 School Law
  • EDUC 972 Introduction to Educational Evaluation
  • EDUC 973 Policy, Politics, and Planning in Education
  • EDUC 977 Leadership: The District Level
  • EDUC 974 Internship. Ed.S. students in the Leadership in Counseling Option will have specific requirements associated with their certification requirements incorporated into their internship. The internship will be conducted at the district office level or at the school level with a practicing Director of Counseling.

Elective Course: 8 Credits (approval of advisor)

If the admitted student has met the prerequisites stated above, she/he must select at least two electives – 8 graduate credits that the advisor for the program has approved.

If the student needs to complete prerequisites up to two of the prerequisite courses can be used as the elective course consistent with Graduate School policies.

Other acceptable electives include courses in counseling, administration (e.g., EDUC 968 Collective Bargaining), and special education (e.g., EDUC 951 Special Education Law).

The Education Specialist degree (Ed.S.) requires the completion of 36 credit hours.

2018/2019 Tuition*
  Per Credit 4-Credit Course
NH Resident $770 $3,080
Non-Resident $845 $3,380
  Per Semester
Manchester security/parking fee $20.00
Registration Fee $20.00
Technology fee 1-4 credits $25.00
Technology fee 5-8 credits $50.25
Technology fee 9-16 credits $100.50

Manchester Mandatory Fees

  • Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee will be assessed once each semester.
  • Technology Fee: A technology fee will be assessed each semester.
  • Manchester Parking/Security Fee: A mandatory security/parking fee is assessed to all registered students at the UNH Graduate School Manchester Campus. This fee will be assessed once each semester and will entitle the student to a parking permit. UNH Manchester parking passes can be used in the “A” lot of the Durham Campus.

Health Insurance Fee

UNH has a HEALTH INSURANCE REQUIREMENT as a condition of enrollment for all full-time (9 or more credits per traditional semester) graduate degree students. Students will have the option of waiving the requirement by presenting proof of adequate insurance through another plan. Students who want to waive out of the plan are required to complete the enrollment/waiver form and should do so before the start of classes. Full information including the enrollment/waiver form can be located on the UNH Health Services pages.

More Information

For more information about tuition and fees, visit the UNH Graduate School Manchester campus tuition information page. 

*The tuition & fee chart is subject to change. UNH's official tuition schedule: UNH Business Services.