Computing Engineering Technology Option

Further focus your electrical engineering degree with the Computer Engineering Technology option, giving you deeper insight into the world of computing. Explore software programming, circuit design, network security and more — all in a hands-on, experience-driven environment.

For information about the engineering technology program, contact the B.S. engineering technology program coordinator for the electrical engineering technology (EET) and the EET computer engineering technology options, Christopher LeBlanc, at (603) 641-4323, or


EET Computer Engineering Technology Option (EET-CET)
ET 601, Data Structure & Databases
ET 625, Technical Communications
ET 627, Advanced Developmental Theory of E-commerce*
ET 630, Analytical Methods in Technology
ET 647, Adv. Perspectives in Programming
ET 667, Graphics and Animation*
ET 671, Digital Systems
ET 697, Topics in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology*
ET 707, Object Oriented Design and Documentation
ET 717, Network Security
ET 733, Business Organization and Law
ET 734, Economics of Business Activities
ET 737, Web Server Databases*
ET 747, User Interface Design*
ET 777, Advanced Distributed Programming Trends*
ET 787, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems*
ET 790, Microcomputer Systems
ET 791, Electrical Engineering Technology Project (Senior Capstone Project, two semesters; satisfies the Discovery Senior Capstone Experience requirement.
Discovery Program Requirements and Writing Intensive (WI) Requirement