Entrepreneurship Minor

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The Entrepreneurship minor is designed for those students who are interested in starting their own business or to enhance a business that they are currently working in.

The course content of the minor is designed to meet the objective of developing the mindset, skills, competencies and experiential learning that enable students to function as entrepreneurs or as productive members of emerging, entrepreneurial firms.

The Entrepreneurship minor integrates the knowledge and experiences gained in other disciplines, as well as from the field of entrepreneurship, into an understanding of the process of new venture creation and the management of entrepreneurial businesses.

With the minor presenting entrepreneurial concepts from a generalist perspective, students will acquire knowledge to conceive, develop and launch new ventures and to turn innovative ideas into products that can be brought to market. Emphasis is placed on the managerial, legal, and marketing aspects of start-up businesses. The minor culminates with a juried business plan competition for financial backing and start-up funding support.

  • Ethical and Legal In addition to exploring legal issues associated with a small business, students will examine their own personal values and aspirations to help guide their entrepreneurial careers.
  • Knowing the numbers Entrepreneurs must be intimately familiar with the financial health of their businesses, particularly in regard to cash flow and other limited resource management and forecasting.
  • Business Model Students will be expected to develop a full understanding of how to create and utilize a business model and transform it into a fundable business plan.
  • Selling the idea Students must not only understand how to identify and evaluate potential investors, but also how to sell their business idea when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Managing growth in entrepreneurial companies Students will learn the unique set of leadership and communication skills necessary to guide a company through its most perilous time period: rapid growth.
  • BUS 401 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • BUS 453 - Leadership for Management
  • BUS 565 - Sales and Sales Management
  • BUS 550 - Business Law
  • BUS 600 - New Venture Creation

Students will also be encouraged to take advantage of internship opportunities through the Internship & Career Planning Office. Entrepreneurship minors are strongly encouraged to become active members in the ENACTUS program which focuses on helping entrepreneurs in the Manchester community.

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