Humanities Minor

Student at his history internship

Add a breadth of perspective to your degree with a Humanities minor, giving you a foundational understanding of the human condition through art, music, history, literature and more.

Many professions encourage students to develop skills and knowledge outside their area of professional interest, and the Humanities minor does that and more — making college education a more enlightening and rewarding experience.

To earn a minor in humanities, students must complete 20 credits with no individual grade lower than C in the following courses:

  • HIST 500 - Introduction to Historical Thinking, 4 credits*
  • or ENGL 419 - Introduction to Literary Analysis, 8 credits
  • Select at least two courses in humanities (HUMA), 8 credits
  • Select more courses in humanities (HUMA) or choose complementary courses from other disciplines, such as history, English, philosophy, communication arts, politics & society, or business, which contributes to the students's multidiscipinary theme or topic.** 20 credits

*These courses provide an introduction to the methodology and content of the humanities. 

**Select in consultation with a faculty adivser in humanities. 


For more information, contact Susanne Paterson, minor supervisor.