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Information Technology, M.S.

Interested in pursuing your M.S. in Information Technology, but don't know where to begin? We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about the program to help start you on the path towards a master's degree.


Application process
Program prerequisites
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Application process

What academic degree is the basis for admission?

A bachelor's degree in a computing-related area is the basis for admission. Prerequisite courses are required depending on your academic background.

I have a 3-year bachelor’s degree. Does this meet the requirement for admissions?

Admission requires applicants to have a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or the equivalent of one. Some bachelor’s degrees are 3 years in length, which are ineligible unless procured from a university which has been accredited by the NAAC at the ‘A’ level, and graduated with first-class honors or higher. If you are unsure of whether the university from which you graduated meets these standards, please contact Academic Counselor Dovev Levine at the Graduate School.

I don't have a bachelor's degree in a computing-related area, but I've worked in the IT field and would like to apply for the master's. What do I do?

Prospective students with undergraduate degrees in other fields are invited to apply and required to schedule an interview with Mihaela Sabin, Graduate Coordinator.

What is the deadline for application to the program?

Applications are considered on a rolling basis, and applicants need to have their application approved prior to the semester start. Please allow appropriate time for the application to be processed. It is recommended that international applicants submit all materials by June 1 (three months prior to the start of classes) to allow ample processing time.

What is the application procedure for international students?

International students are eligible to apply to the MS IT program if they’ve earned a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution or if they’ve completed a three-year degree from India. The Graduate School will consider an applicant with a three-year degree from India under the following conditions, which are reviewed on a case-by-case basis:

  • Bachelor’s accredited by NAAC at the A-level
  • The applicant must graduate with first class honors or higher.

No pre-application is necessary. Simply click here and follow the outlined steps: Apply, Submit Documents and Monitor Status.

Is the GRE general test and/or CS subject test required?

The only test required for international students is the TOEFL, unless the applicant completed their bachelor’s degree from a university where English is the primary language of instruction.

I'm a senior in the B.S. CIS program and very much interested in the Accelerated MS IT program. What are the requirements for early admission and how do I apply for it?

The Accelerated Master's program allows UNH Seniors to take up to 12 credits of graduate or dual-level coursework during their senior year (departments may allow for a lower amount). You must be a UNH senior with a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA at the time of admission, and you must be admitted for the semester you wish to take graduate/dual-level coursework. The application is available here. Please contact Dovev Levine of the UNH Graduate School with any questions.

I've been admitted in the Accelerated MS IT program and I'm finishing up my BS EET/CT degree. When I register for a graduate course, what else should I do to have the credits count to both my BS EET/CT and MS IT degrees?

You need to meet with either Candice Morey (Educational Assistant, Graduate School Manchester Campus) or Dovev Levine (Academic Counselor, Graduate School) to complete the required dual credit forms.

I'm a CIS senior and had my Accelerated Master's application approved. I need 12 undergraduate credits to finish my BS CIS next semester. If I take two graduate courses (6 graduate credits) next semester, how many credits count towards my BS CIS?

This depends on whether you’re taking these 6 credits as Dual Credit or just for graduate credit. If for dual credit, then the 6 credits count towards both your undergraduate and graduate programs. If just graduate credit, then the credits only count towards your graduate program.

As an Accelerated Master's program student, can I use graduate credits in combination with undergraduate credits to maintain my financial aid eligibility?

Financial aid is based upon the number of billable hours a student takes. For dual credit courses, you are billed only for the undergraduate credits. If you take a course strictly for graduate credit, then you are billed for those credits.

I have a master's degree from UNH and would like to do a second master's in IT. Can I transfer graduate credits from my first master's into the MS IT program?

You may apply up to 12 credits earned in the first master's degree towards the MS IT program with approval of the Graduate Coordinator. Thesis or research credits from the first program may not be counted towards the requirements of the second program.

Program prerequisites

What prerequisites do I need to take if I don't have a bachelor's in computing?

If you don’t have a bachelor’s in computing, you need to schedule an interview with Graduate Coordinator to determine how your academic background prepares you for starting the MS IT program. The outcome of that interview is a plan of study that includes the prerequisites you need to take.

I'm an international student and cannot come to an interview. What should I do?

After you complete and submit your application (including transcripts of any prior coursework), an interview can be arranged by phone or video conference. It's the best way to determine what your prerequisites will be.

What are the language prerequisites for admission for international students?

All applicants who are not native English speakers are required to demonstrate a sufficient level of proficiency in the English language to meet the admission requirement of the Graduate School. Proficiency can be demonstrated by the receipt of a bachelor's or advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States or from a university in another country where English is the primary language of instruction. All other non-native speakers must take the TOEFL exam and submit recent scores to our office as part of their application packet.

What are the minimum TOEFL scores?

The minimum scores are specific to the test type, and are as follows: TOEFL (Paper Based) -- 550; TOEFL (Computer Based) -- 213; TOEFL (Internet Based) -- 80.

What are the deadlines for TOEFL test submission?

For additional questions related to TOEFL test deadlines, please contact Dovev Levine at the Graduate School. Your application will not be considered complete until your TOEFL test score or a waiver request has been submitted.

Course registration

What is the deadline to register for classes?
If you register for fall courses, start the registration process as early as April prior to the fall semester. If you register for spring courses, start in October. This way you allow yourself time to consult with your advisor, who needs to approve your course registration. It also avoids the situation of not being able to register because the class is full.

Tuition and financial aid

What are the tuition rates for this program?
See Tuition/Fees for full information on tuition, fees, and refunds.

Who is eligible for financial aid?
Graduate students who are enrolled in a degree program at least half time (5 or more credits per semester) and are a U.S citizen or eligible non-citizen may be considered for Federal Financial Aid. Graduate students are reviewed for loans and work study. There are no Federal or University grants or scholarships awarded to graduate students by the UNH Financial Aid Office.

Do I qualify for financial aid as an eligible non-citizen?
Generally, you are an eligible non-citizen if you are (1) a permanent U.S. resident with a Permanent Resident Card (I-551); (2) a conditional permanent resident (I-551-C); (3) the holder of an Arrival-Departure Record (I-94) from the Department of Homeland Security showing any one of the following designations: “Refugee”, “Asylum Granted”, “Parolee” (I-94 confirms that you were paroled for a minimum of one year and status has not expired), T-Visa holder (T-1, T-2, T-3, etc.) or “Cuban-Haitian Entrant”; or (4) the holder of a valid certification or eligibility letter from the Department of Health and Human Services showing a designation of “Victim of human trafficking”.

Are grants and scholarships awarded to UNH graduate students?
There are no Federal or University grants or scholarships awarded to graduate students by the UNH Financial Aid Office.

Where can I find more information about student loans?
Financial Aid for graduate students is available in the form of Federal student loans. For more information and to fill out an application visit:

Transfer credits

How many courses can I transfer from another institution?
A maximum of two courses for up to eight semester credit hours are approved for transfer. Courses must be at the graduate level; cannot have been used or in the process of being used in earning another graduate degree; cannot have been taken while completing a bachelor's degree. A grade of B or better must be earned.

What do I do to get the courses transferred?
You have to provide an official transcript showing the credits and grades earned along with a "Transfer Credit (External UNH) Request Form".

Blended Learning

When are the classes scheduled and how long are they?
Classes are scheduled in the evening, weekdays, once a week. Class meetings start at 5:30 or 6:00 and take between 2 to 3 hours

Are the classes online?
The learning model for the program's classes blends face-to-face time and interactions during the scheduled class meetings with online interactions facilitated by a variety of communication and collaboration tools. There are no exclusively online classes offered in the program at this time.

Is there any regularity to the in-class vs. online sessions, or does it depend on the instructor?
In-class sessions use a face-to-face learning environment. Outside class sessions rely entirely on online services and tools to support a learning environment that is based on effective communication and collaboration activities. The blending of in-class and outside class learning is determined by the course instructor.

When the classes are held online, is attendance required at the time the class is given?
The instructor is the best resource to tell you what the course policies are.

Will the classes be recorded and accessible after the class is held?
Currently, in-class interactions and activities are not recorded. We’ll be evaluating such learning facility to determine future adoption.

Change of degree

I'm currently enrolled in the MS CS and would like to enroll in MS IT. What's the procedure to change my degree to your department?
Instructions about how to change a degree to a different department at UNH are at: In a nutshell, you need to fill out a new application and submit two new letters of recommendation from faculty at UNH (one of which should be from your current advisor).

What is the deadline for changing my degree to your department?
For semester I, the deadline is July 1st. For semester II is December 1st and for summer is April 1st.

Internship opportunities

Are international students eligible for internships during the course of study?
Yes, international students are eligible for internships. In general, you have to be here on F1 visa for one year before accepting any internship. The internship must be in conjunction with a course and/or requirement of the degree program (such as the MS IT project course). The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) is the best source to find answers to any question that international students have. We highly recommend that you contact the office with your questions.

How many internships can an international student do?
There is a risk of having too much internship experience, if you are here on F1 visa. If during a program of study you accumulate a total of 12 months of full-time internship, then you won’t be eligible for post completion OPT. This is one of the many rules the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) has to make students aware of. Again, please consult OISS on any internship-related question.

Course descriptions

I am unable to locate the MS IT course descriptions.
The Graduate School Online Catalog is the resource for course descriptions.

Program information

Where can I find information on the program?
If the information available on this site is not answering all your questions, please contact us by calling the UNH Graduate School Manchester Campus at 603 641 4313 or by emailing or Mihaela Sabin at