Literary Arts & Studies, B.A.

Literary Arts & Studies

Shaping the next generation of innovative thinkers and communicators

The Literary Arts & Studies program was uniquely designed with your career in mind. Built upon an analysis of large-scale polls of employers, this program focuses on the five skills considered most important for success in the job market: critical thinking, creative thinking, written communication, oral communication, and the ability to collaborate as part of a team.

With courses in areas from new media journalism to graphic novels, from legal writing to crime fiction, this regionally distinctive program offers a digital-age curriculum that is innovative, entrepreneurial, and cross-disciplinary. You’ll develop career-driven, transferable skills in one of these specialized bachelor's degree options:

  • Digital Language Arts: Build high-level skills in critical and creative thinking through the creation and development of digital-age projects in environments from print to virtual reality.
  • Literary Studies: Explore poetics, literary theory, and literary analysis in print and digital literature.
  • Professional and Technical Communications: Learn to excel in any professional environment by studying how to communicate and collaborate in specializations like new media journalism, business writing, legal writing, and creative nonfiction.

In any degree option, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of one of two on-campus publications: The Manchester Independent, a digital newspaper covering the Greater Manchester area, and Best American Experimental Writing, an annual, nationally distributed anthology of innovative literary art. 

The Literary Arts & Studies program culminates with real-world experience through upper-level seminars, capstones, and internships that are tailored to your own career ambitions—and focused on the applied skills that employers particularly value.

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To earn your bachelor of arts degree, you’ll complete 128 credits between courses for the UNH Discovery Program and your major. You’ll tailor your degree to the future you want by focusing your studies in one of three specialized bachelor’s degree options. Click on each option to learn more and see a sample four-year course plan.

  • Digital Language Arts students develop high-level critical and creative thinking skills by planning and constructing innovative, entrepreneurial digital-age projects. Learn more
  • Literary Studies students acquire a foundation in literary analysis as well as the study of literature from varying perspectives and thematic approaches and in various venues, including textual and digital. Learn more
  • Professional and Technical Communications students study to become accomplished digital-age communicators, learning the transferable skills to excel in any professional environment. Learn more

* Degree options are included on the official UNH transcript and diploma.

Internships & Capstone

Central to the curricular experience of LAS majors is the requirement to complete either an internship, which places students in a variety of business and organizational settings under the direction of a faculty adviser and workplace supervisor, or a Capstone course. Our campus is in the heart of the region’s economic activity — putting unlimited internship opportunities at your feet. We’ve partnered with local businesses to give you the real-world experience that sets you apart. English majors have interned at many high-profile organizations in the area, including: 

Best American Experimental Writing

Each year, two LAS students will have the opportunity to work as editorial assistants for Best American Experimental Writing (BAX), an annual anthology of experimental poetry and prose published by Wesleyan University Press. As one of only twelve "Best American" anthologies in the United States—and the only one explicitly devoted to avant-garde writing—BAX has a very high profile nationally.

In this role, students will broaden their communicative skill-sets and organizational experience by participating in all stages of production. Students will coordinate with authors, copyedit proofs, manage the anthology's social media presence, contribute to sales and submission initiatives, and more.

The Manchester Independent Newspaper

The Manchester Independent is a student-run, university-affiliated, citywide newspaper that covers the news in the Greater Manchester area. Students will be able to contribute to the online/print hybrid publication as editors, reporters, or columnists as part of internship and capstone experiences.

Students will build interviewing and reporting skills, learn to work collaboratively, and get a critical behind-the-scenes view of the opportunities and obstacles involved in urban media coverage.

LAS majors develop the five skills that, according to large-scale polls of employers, are most in-demand in the job market: critical thinking, creative thinking, written communication, oral communication, and the ability to collaborate as part of a team.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects positive growth in many professions associated with the literary arts and literary studies between 2012 and 2024. As an LAS major, you’ll graduate with a type of expertise and experience that is not just rare, but uncommonly transferable. The skill-sets organizations most covet — the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and imagine audaciously — are all central to the program, preparing you for a rewarding career or graduate study in publishing, journalism, digital media, advertising, politics, law, education, and more.

Here are just a few of the many careers you'll be prepared for as an LAS graduate:

  • Advertising Executive
  • Attorney
  • Author
  • Copyeditor
  • Copywriter
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Digital Entrepreneur
  • English Literature Scholar/Professor
  • Event Planner
  • Film/Television Executive
  • Grants Manager
  • Journalist
  • Librarian
  • Managing Editor
  • Marketing Director
  • Museum Curator
  • Nonprofit Executive Director
  • Public Information Officer
  • Public Relations Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Social Worker
  • Technical Writer
  • TESOL Instructor

Creative Writing

Our innovative, interdisciplinary, and transmedia Creative Writing minor is tailored to your individual interests as a digital-age creator for print, stage, and screen. Learn more


Deepen your appreciation of literary analysis, exploring and writing about print, digital, and multimedia texts focusing on a variety of periods and themes. Learn more

Legal Advocacy

Develop the skill-sets and knowledge bases that will help you succeed in law school, as well as in any political, media, or nonprofit career path in which strong oral and written advocacy skills are required. Learn more

Professional Writing

Acquire skills in professional, technical, and cross-disciplinary writing and communication, as well as hands-on learning through an internship at a local business or organization. These skills are highly sought-after by employers, regardless of your major. Learn more


Acquire the academic skills necessary to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages outside the K-12 school setting, to lay a foundation for graduate study in Education and ESOL teaching certification, and to work with international communities, whether at home or abroad. Learn more

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