American Politics & Public Policy Option

This option will appeal to students interested in the American political system. Students learn how America’s public policies are created and implemented, and how the government agencies tasked with their implementation are managed. The option is designed to prepare students for careers in local, state, and federal government; non-profit agencies; law; public service; and public policy in specific areas (e.g., public health, environment, etc.).

ONE 400-level course accepted. POLT 500 required.

(* = required)

PS 407, Politics & Law in Contemporary Society
HIST 406, History of Modern US
POLT 500, American Public Policy*
POLT 502, State and Local Government
POLT 505, American Congress
POLT 506, Parties, Interest Groups, and Voters
POLT 507, Politics of Crime & Justice
POLT 509, Managing Bureaucracy in America
POLT 512, Public Opinion in American Politics
POLT 521, Rights & the Political Community
POLT 562, Strategy and National Security Policy
POLT 701, Courts & Public Policy
POLT 711, Public Opinion and Survey Research
POLT 751, Comparative Environmental Politics and Policy
PS 506, Civil Society & Public Policy
PS 507, Justice, Law & Politics
PS 508, The Supreme Court in American Society
PS 512, People on the Move: Immigration and Refugee Policy in Global Perspective
PS 651, Media & Elections

For complete more information, contact program coordinator Melinda Negron-Gonzales at (603) 641-4364 or; or contact the Office of Admissions.