Law & Justice Option

This option will appeal to students who are interested in law, justice, and philosophy. Students learn about the structural and procedural aspects of the American court system, and the philosophical and ideological foundations that undergird this system. The option is designed to prepare students for careers in law, government, and public service.

PS 407 and PS 507 required.

PS 407, Politics & Law in Contemporary Society*
POLT 500, American Public Policy
POLT 513, Civil Rights & Liberties
PS 501, Social and Political-Economic Theory
PS 503, Political Theory and Historical and Social Context
PS 506, Civil Society & Public Policy
PS 507, Justice, Law & Politics*
PS 508, The Supreme Court in American Society
PS 512 People on the Move: Immigration and Refugee Policy in Global Perspective 
PS 651, Special Topics: International Human Rights
PS 651, Special Topics: Business & International Human Rights
POLT 701, Courts & Public Policy
​POLT 507 Politics of Crime & Justice
POLT 520, Justice and the Political Community
POLT 521, Rights & the Political Community
HIST 679, Rights Revolution 

(* = required)

For complete more information, contact program coordinator Melinda Negron-Gonzales at (603) 641-4364 or; or contact the Office of Admissions.