National Coding Week: Giving Young Women in Computer Science a Boost

Nominations open for the National Center for Women and Information Technology's Aspirations in Computing Awards

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Emily Kerr

Past Aspirations in Computing Award recipient helps with a girls’ coding program.

We’ve all done it: Thought about applying for or pursuing something and then talked ourselves out of it. Maybe it was due to perceived time constraints or lack of confidence. It’s easy to let opportunities slip by, especially if there is no one offering an extra push. In these cases, encouragement can go a long way.

That’s why the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) is making it easier to encourage high school-age young women to apply for the Aspirations in Computing Award (AiC).

Recipients of the award receive exclusive access to scholarships, internships and job opportunities all across the nation, as well as prizes, trophies and swag during a local ceremony in the spring. You can now use their "Encourage a Student" form to enter a student’s information, and NCWIT will reach out to them with information and reminders to apply.

Know a young woman involved in robotics? Someone who is designing her own apps or teaching herself programming language? Perhaps you know a young woman who experiences barriers to technology but has worked hard to pursue computing aspirations despite those obstacles. Encourage her to apply!

Your encouragement can help a high school student get recognized for her passion and achievements. According to a past recipient, that recognition was a real “confidence booster” and inspired her to take on bigger challenges in tech and share her enthusiasm with younger students.

So, go on — give someone that extra push they need today. Applications close November 5. You can also help spread the word about Aspirations in Computing by sharing sample social media posts, one-page info sheets and posters, which are available online.