National Transfer Student Week: Meet Your MATEs

Friday, October 19, 2018


Transfer students make up more than half of the student population at UNH Manchester, bringing a diversity of thought and experience to our college community. We know transferring to a new college isn’t easy, which is why we offer advising, events and resources specifically for transfer students.

In honor of National Transfer Student Week, we’re recognizing a few students who help transfer students adjust to the academic, cultural and social climate of the UNH Manchester community. Our Mentor Ambassadors for Transfer Engagement (MATEs) are trained student leaders—and transfer students themselves—who offer experience and expertise to incoming transfers.


Peter Georgacopoulos ’19

Major: Communication Arts

Why did you want to be a MATE? I wanted to be a mate because transferring from a Community College is something that few students experience but seems to be a path that is continuing to grow in popularity. Being a transfer student from Manchester Community College myself, I know what changing schools can be like, for better or worse. I wanted to be a MATE because I want to be a person that new transfer students can turn to when they have a question, want to share something or just want a friend. 

What advice do you have for new transfer students? Get out there! UNH Manchester has so many friendly students, clubs and faculty. Whether you just want to engage in your classes, or if you’re interested in making friends and getting involved, our campus is the place to do it. I have never found such an energized, caring and friendly group of individuals in my entire life. 

Tell us your favorite:

  • Manchester restaurant: The Gyro Spot 
  • New Hampshire destination: Portsmouth
  • Vacation destination: Either Monemvasia in Greece, Istanbul or Paris
  • Movie: Lost in Translation or City of God
  • Book: Brothers Karamazov, Crime and Punishment or Catcher in the Rye (you can call me a pretentious hipster, it’s really okay)


Natalie Parker

Natalie Parker ’19

Major: Biological Sciences and Neuropsychology

What was your transfer path to UNH Manchester? After high school I went to a trade school for my dental assisting certificate. I worked in the field for about five years before deciding to go to Manchester Community College to pursue a degree in Life Sciences. I decided to transfer to UNH Manchester to pursue dual bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Neuropsychology because my peers had nothing but wonderful things to say about UNH. And the proximity of UNH Manchester to where I work and live made life that much easier going back to school.

What advice do you have for new transfer students? My advice would be, to not be afraid to ask for help. There are endless resources at UNH-M and the best thing you can do for yourself is to take advantage of that.

Tell us your favorite:

  • Manchester restaurant: Campo Enoteca
  • New Hampshire destination: Portsmouth
  • Vacation destination: Cape Cod, Mass.
  • Movie: Harry Potter (any movie)
  • Book: British/Russian history (any book)