2017 Undergraduate Research Conference Award Winners Announced

2017 Undergraduate Research Conference Award Winners Announced

by Kassidy Taylor

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ryan Sanborn '17 presents his work at the UNH Manchester Undergraduate Research Conference.

Ryan Sanborn '17 won a 2017 URC award for his oral presentation on the International Institute of New England.

Each year, the University of New Hampshire recognizes and celebrates student work at the Undergraduate Research Conference. Spanning both the Durham and Manchester campuses, the URC is one of the largest conferences of its kind in the nation.

More than 150 students participated in this year’s URC in Manchester, putting their research, creative and scholarly work on display from April 18 to 21. The four-day showcase featured student films, screen plays, student research and presentations across different majors.

UNH Manchester takes pride in the efforts of all students who participated in this year’s event, and recognizes the 2017 URC award recipients below.



Ryan Sanborn ’17, History and Politics & Society
The International Institute of New England: Our Mission, Our Clients, and Community Impact

Ryan Sanborn’s presentation provided insight into the mission, clients and impact of the International Institute of New England. Sanborn spent the spring semester interning at the nonprofit organization, which assists refugees and immigrants in becoming engaged members of local communities through ESOL classes, workforce development programs, citizenship services and more.

Honorable Mention:

Ashley Belbin ’17, Biological Sciences
Sequencing and Medicine



Victoria Gouveia ’18, Politics & Society
Patricia Melillo ’17, Politics & Society
Allison Payne ’18, Politics & Society
SB 66: Fetal Homicide Law

In the new “Present and Defend” session at this year’s URC, students in the New Hampshire Politics in Action course debated controversial legislative bills. Politics & Society majors Victoria Gouveia ’18, Patricia Melillo ’17 and Allison Payne ’18 were each assigned to advocate for or against Senate Bill 66, which deals with fetal homicide.

Honorable Mention:

Taylor Gilliam ’19, Politics & Society
Nathan Whitehead ’19, Politics & Society
SB 98: Eliminating the Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault



Abigail Goen '18
Abigail Goen '18, left, won a URC award for her poster presentation on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Biological Sciences


Abigail Goen ’18, Biological Sciences
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Honorable mentions:

Timothy Labonville ’17, Biological Sciences
Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury Neural Imaging Techniques

Helen Proksch, Biological Sciences
Position and Orientation of Plumose Anemone (Metridium senile) at the Cribs on Appledore Island

Other (Politics & Society, History or Psychology)

Laura Tuttle
’17, Psychology
Layperson Knowledge of Hospice/Palliative Care Services and Enrollment Requirements

Laura Tuttle’s presentation outlined her research into the level of knowledge that laypeople have about hospice and palliative care programs, which she gathered through a self-report online survey of 104 adult participants.

Honorable Mention:       

Hannah Curran ’19, Neuropsychology
Jillian McCalvey ‘20
Locavore Eating in the Greater Manchester Area

Computing Technology

Claudia Maynard
‘19, Biological Sciences
Youth Program for English Language Learners: Education Impact         

Honorable Mention:       

Alexander Turner ’18, Electrical Engineering Technology
AFL App Store




Cameron Wright '18
Cameron Wright '18 won a URC award for his audio project, Mindfulness.

Katelynn Brooks ’18, Biological Sciences
Vanessa Russell ’17, Biological Sciences
The Mangroves of Belize

Produced by biological sciences students Katelynn Brooks ’18 and Vanessa Russell ’17, The Mangroves of Belize documented their trip to the mangrove islands of Placencia through their Global Science Explorations class.


Cameron Wright ’18, Communication Arts


Trenton Gobel
Pretty Good: A Short Film about Females in Skateboarding as Presented by Micaela Wilson, a Former Semi-Professional Skateboarder

Honorable Mention:       

Kyle Sanborn ’18, Communication Arts
iPod Retro



Unmanned air vehicles, improving brewery boilers, semiconductor failure analysis—these were just a few of the topics that electrical and mechanical engineering technology students presented for their senior projects. The high caliber of presentations during this year’s Engineering Technology Day resulted in a four-way tie:

Steve Kazakis '17
Steven Kazakis '17 presents the hydroponic gardening system he designed for his engineering senior project.

Daniel Crean ’17, Electrical Engineering Technology
Water Methanol Injection Control System

Michael Greenawalt-Nguyen ’17, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Ardent Concepts Failure Analysis

Steven Kazakis ‘17, Mechanical Engineering Technology
UNH Cooperative Extension: Hydroponics              

Andrew Kelsall ‘17, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Analysis of the Oil Circulation System of the Magnum Compact’s

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