Celebrating Student Achievement at 2018 Honors Convocation on May 15

Celebrating Student Achievement at 2018 Honors Convocation on May 15

by Kassidy Taylor

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Caroline Consoli, a Presidential Scholar and communication arts major, will deliver the student address at the college's Honors Convocation on May 15.

Caroline Consoli, a Presidential Scholar and communication arts major, will deliver the student address at the college's Honors Convocation on May 15.

The University of New Hampshire at Manchester will recognize the academic achievements of more than 100 students at the 2018 Honors Convocation on Tuesday, May 15.

One of the university’s largest academic ceremonies, Honors Convocation brings administrators, faculty, staff and students together to celebrate academic success. This year’s event will begin at 6 p.m. at the Manchester Downtown Hotel. 

Leading the proceedings is UNH Manchester Dean Mike Decelle, with remarks from Wayne Jones, interim UNH provost and vice president for academic affairs. Daniel Seichepine, assistant professor of neuropsychology and recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Teaching Award, will deliver the faculty address.

This year's student speaker is Presidential Scholar and communication arts major Caroline Consoli. A graduate of Manchester Memorial High School, Consoli has been an active part of the campus community since she began at UNH Manchester in 2014. She has supported first-year students in adjusting to campus life as a Peer Assistant Leader, welcomed new students as an Orientation Leader and assisted with admissions events and projects as a Student Ambassador.

Consoli is a shining representative of UNH Manchester, whether she is giving prospective students and their families insight into student life on a campus tour, or helping fellow students with their writing skills in her role as a Peer Tutor at the Center for Academic Enrichment. Her leadership, involvement and contribution to campus social life earned her the 2016 Leader by Example Award and 2018 Breaking Brick Walls Award at the college's Student Leadership Recognition Ceremony.

Honors Convocation will recognize Presidential Scholars, University Scholars, inductees of the Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta and Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) honor societies as well as recipients of the Writing Across the Curriculum and academic program awards. Congratulations to the following students, who will be recognized for outstanding academic achievement in their undergraduate degree programs.

Presidential Scholars 

Presidential Scholars must have earned 100 credits by February 15, 2017, of which at least 64 are UNH graded credits, and have a cumulative UNH GPA of 3.85 to 4.0.

  • Jocelyne Arseneault, Biotechnology, BS
  • Jeremy Barton ‘18, Biological Sciences
  • Evan Boylan, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Nicole Collette, Biotechnology, BS
  • Caroline Consoli, Communication Arts: Human Relations, BA
  • Ethan Cullity, Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS
  • Grace Dean, History, BA
  • Hannah Favreau, Neuropsychology, BS
  • Brittany Gaston, Psychology, BA
  • Abigail Goen, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Isaiah Hutchinson ‘18, Homeland Security
  • Marion James, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • William McClelland, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Elizabeth Pellerin, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Rosali Salemi, Computer Information Systems, BS
  • Theofilos Skaleris, Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS
  • Cory Szaro, History, BA
  • Meghana Tadepalli ‘18, Biological Sciences
  • Richard Vandiver, Neuropsychology, BS
  • David Wrona, Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS

University Scholars 

Baccalaureate degree candidates must have earned 100 credits by February 15, 2017, of which at least 64 are UNH graded credits, and have a cumulative UNH GPA of 3.5 to 3.84.

Associate degree candidates must have earned 32 or more credits by February 15, 2017, of which at least 12 are UNH graded credits, and have a cumulative UNH GPA of 3.5 to 4.0.

  • Sarah Adams, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • Hannah Aster ’18, English
  • Jacqueline Auger, Biotechnology, BS
  • Daniel Beitel, Computer Information Systems, BS
  • Kayla Bilodeau, Business: Accounting, BA
  • Riley Binette, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • Nicholas Boisvert ‘18, Homeland Security
  • Melissa Brennan, Psychology, BA
  • David Burke, Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS
  • Sarah Burns, Business: Accounting, BA
  • Joshua Champagne, Business: Accounting, BA
  • Elspeth Cheung, Business, BA
  • Amanda Curtis ‘18, Business
  • William Duval, Politics & Society: Law & Justice, BA
  • Dennis Fitton, Homeland Security, BS
  • Jocelyn Garcia, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts, BA
  • Emma Ghilardi ’18, Psychology
  • Jaden Henry, Computer Information Systems, BS
  • Mark Isabelle, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Aashirya Kaushik ‘18, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship
  • Alexandra LaPrade, Business, BA
  • Samantha MacKenzie, Communication Arts, BA
  • Susanna Magdziarz, History, BA
  • Anna Maguire ‘18, Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Rodney Malone, Business, BA
  • Olivia Martin, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • Kaitlyn Mastacouris, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • Hugh Meadows, Psychology, BA
  • Adam Mercer, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Alden Milton, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Nicholas Moulton ’18, English Teaching
  • Arianna Nadeau, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • Tri Nguyen, Computer Information Systems, BS
  • Justen Norcott ‘18, Politics & Society: International & Comparative Studies
  • Derek Oaks 18, Business
  • Kaitlin Parmenter, Business, BA
  • Emily Paterwic, Sign Language Interpretation, BS
  • Abby Pelletier ’18, Biological Sciences
  • Christopher Perez, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts, BA
  • Gabriela Piercy, Communication Arts, BA
  • Joseph Riley, Communication Arts: Digital Media, BA
  • Emily Romar, English, BA
  • Audrey Rose, Biotechnology, BS
  • Rebecca Ste. Croix, Biotechnology, BS
  • Kallie Tabor, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts, BA
  • Stephen Thibault, Computer Information Systems, BS
  • Richard Turcotte, General Studies, AA
  • Aurora Van De Water, Electrical Engineering Technology: Computer Technology, BS
  • Felicia Villemure, Neuropsychology, BS
  • Sarah Wallace, English, BA
  • Samantha Ward, Homeland Security, BS
  • Tyler Wing, Mechanical Engineering Tech, BS

Program Awards

  • ASL/English Interpreting: Emily Paterwic
  • Biology: Abigail Goen
  • Biotechnology: Nicole Collette
  • Business: Joshua Champagne
  • Communication Arts: Christopher Perez
  • Computer Information Systems: Daniel Rubin
  • Computer Science & Entrepreneurship: Joshua Young
  • Engineering Technology: Ethan Cullity
  • History: Cory Szaro
  • Homeland Security: Bethany Shaw
  • Literary Arts & Studies: Emily Romar
  • Neuropsychology: Richard Vandiver
  • Politics & Society: Tracey Riehl
  • Psychology: Brittany Gaston

Writing Across the Curriculum Award Winners

  • Rachel Avery ’20, English
  • Alex Williams ’19, Biotechnology

Biology Program Book Award

  • Courtney Menczywor

Biology Poster Award

  • Alicia Finney

Biotechnology Program Book Award

  • Robert Patnaude

Biotechnology Poster Award

  • Elizabeth Maurais

History Program Book Awards

  • Susanna Magdziarz
  • Nicholas Sammartino

Master Tutor Awards

  • Jacqueline Auger, Biotechnology, BS
  • Abigail Goen, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Meghana Tadepalli ‘18, Biological Sciences

Phi Beta Kappa Recognition

  • Audrey Beaudoin
  • Colby Denison, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Kaitlyn Squibb ’19, Psychology
  • Meghana Tadepalli ‘18, Biological Sciences

Alpha Epsilon Delta Recognition

  • Elizabeth Maurais ’19, Biotechnology

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Recognition

  • Bryanne Barna, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Andrew Barton ’19, Biotechnology
  • Zachary Brewster ’19, Biological Sciences
  • Myranda Brodsky, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Jacob Brown ’21, Biological Sciences
  • Armina Cikaric ’20, Biological Sciences
  • Syeda Fatima ’18, Biotechnology
  • Rodion Fedorov, Biotechnology, BS
  • Alicia Finney, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Maryssa Flynn ’19, Biological Sciences
  • Katelyn Fournier ’19, Biological Sciences
  • Hope Gallant-Duffy ’19, Biotechnology
  • Summer Golden ’19, Biological Sciences
  • Randi Gravelle ’19, Biological Sciences
  • Selma Hodzic ’20, Biological Sciences
  • Meghan Jordan, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Haley Kalil, Biological Sciences, BA
  • Meredith LaRocque ’18, Biological Sciences
  • Madalyn Lover ‘19, Biological Sciences
  • Kate Lu ‘20, Biological Sciences
  • Elizabeth Maurais ’19, Biotechnology
  • Claudia Maynard ’19, Biotechnology
  • James Michalopoulos ’18 , Biological Sciences
  • Eric Mikutel ‘20, Biological Sciences
  • Tina Minard ’19, Biotechnology
  • Madisson Oliwa ’18, Biotechnology
  • Arju Parajuli ’18, Biotechnology
  • Abby Pelletier ’18, Biological Sciences
  • Katie Picard ’19, Biotechnology
  • Blanca Santibánez Ocampo ’19, Biotechnology
  • Rebecca Ste. Croix, Biotechnology, BS
  • Alexander Williams ’19, Biotechnology
  • Rose Yalung ’19, Biotechnology
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