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  • Student Perspective: Tackling Student Loans After Graduation

    The last semester of a senior’s college career is one filled with many different thoughts and emotions. Did I pass my finals?! Where am I going to work? But the most nerve-racking question going through most seniors' minds is, How am I going to pay off all of my student loans? The answer is quite simple—you can do it, especially with guidance from your loan servicers and the Financial Aid staff. Read More
  • UNH Announces Tuition-Free Plan for Hundreds of NH Students

    Thanks to the success of its ongoing fundraising efforts, the University of New Hampshire is launching a new program in the fall that guarantees all full-time, first-year New Hampshire students receiving federal Pell grants will pay no tuition to attend the university's Durham or Manchester campuses. Read More
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    Late on Gifts? Save Cash, Add Meaning With DIY Ideas

    As a college student, you are probably already budgeting money for gas, food, books, and tuition. Managing money can be hard and limiting holiday spending can make for an even bigger challenge. Luckily for you, there are a lot of great ways to give gifts to those you love without breaking the bank! Read More
  • How Three Students Graduated UNH with Little Debt

    Finding a school that is both a good fit and affordable can be a challenge. UNH Manchester alumni share insight on how they funded their education. Read More
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    Value and Affordability Meet at UNH Manchester

    It is no doubt that the cost of college is on everyone’s mind when thinking about college. Senior English major Kristin Boelzner sat down with Kim DeRego, associate dean of enrollment management, and Sharon Eaton, associate director of financial aid, to discuss the importance of value and affordability when considering colleges. Read More
  • How to Write a Stellar Scholarship Essay

    Let’s face it. For most of us, the toughest part of writing a scholarship essay is convincing ourselves it’s worth the effort. The crashing wave of doubt always seems to set in as our fingers contact the keyboard. But trust me, writing a scholarship essay is not only well worth it, it’s simple. Read More
  • Audrey Beaudoin, freshman, and Sharon Eaton, associate director of Financial Aid at UNH Manchester

    Choosing a College and Keeping Your Wallet Happy

    A week before her high school graduation, Audrey Beaudoin had all but accepted that she couldn't afford a four-year university. Now a entering her sophomore year at UNH Manchester, Audrey discovered the education she wanted was possible, thanks to support from her principal and the college's financial aid office. Read More
  • The FAFSA is a great way to get the funding you need for the education you want

    Three Things Everyone Should Know About the FAFSA

    While most people have heard of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), only some have had the unique experience of filling it out. Whether you are still a few years away from applying to college or you are already a college student, here are three important tips about the FAFSA that you should know. Read More
  • Save Money on Textbooks This Year

    We all know that college is full of expenses: tuition, parking passes, endless cups of coffee and, last but not least, textbooks. Let’s face it, buying textbooks has been one of the most dreaded parts of going to college because of the heavy cost. Fortunately, there are some ways to cut down on the cost and save some extra cash for tuition (but probably more for coffee). Read More
  • From Work Study to the Real World

    When Alexandra Topham first applied for a work study position in the Financial Aid Office, she had no idea what to expect. A psychology major, Topham wasn't familiar with the Work Study program, much less with the general financial aid process. Little did she know, the professional and interpersonal skills she gained through the experience would lead her to a well-paying job right after graduation. Read More