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  • Summer Study Abroad in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England

    Students can combine their interests in security studies and history with travel this summer through a study broad course to Belfast, Edinburgh, Bath and London. The 17-day trip beginning June 3 will explore homeland security challenges facing the UK. Read More
  • Study abroad

    Study Abroad Spotlight: Cambridge, England

    English Teaching major Kathryn Sampson '19 shares her experiences studying abroad at the University of Cambridge in England this summer. Read More
  • Living in the Moment in Costa Rica

    Satonya NcNeal, junior English Major, shares her continued experience in Costa Rica as she adjusts the the culture, tries new and exciting things, and truly learns from the people and the culture around her. Read More
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  • Leaving her Comfort Zone for Costa Rica and 'Pura Vida'

    Traveling to Costa Rica wasn't just about the experience for Satonya McNeal, junior English major, but about the opportunity to leave the comfort zone she had at home and jump into a place where she would be forced to create new levels of comfort, new relationships, and a new life. Read More
    Tags: Diversity
  • Wanderlust: How Studying Abroad Changed My Life

    Sabrina Brown, Business major, grew up in a small town in a big family. Her opportunities to see the world were limited, until she discovered UNH Manchester’s Study Abroad program. Read More
  • Finding Home in the Most Unlikely of Places: UNH Manchester's Study Away program

    "Study Away is beneficial to students in so many ways," says John Cerullo, history professor at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester who and was involved in UNH’s Budapest program. "We live in a globalized economy, and so many businesses have operations of one sort or another abroad. The person who has some experience in navigating unfamiliar customs, languages, regulations, etc. has a leg up on the competition for jobs with a future." Read More
  • Return and Reflection on Studying in England

    Going to England was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now that I am home my family and friends have asked me what was the best thing about England and it is so hard to come up with one specific thing. I loved everything about Cambridge, it is such a beautiful city. Despite being homesick towards the end I wish I could have stayed longer. Read More
  • Saying Goodbye to Scotland

    Olivia Marchioni is home from Scotland and shares her reflections on getting reacquainted with life back in New Hampshire. "I can’t say it enough. I am so grateful for every single thing I was able to do and see on my trip and for these memories that I’ll have forever." Read More
  • Florence

    The Return and Reflection on Firenze

    Alexandra Marcello, a sophomore business major, was studying abroad this summer with the UNH Manchester Summer Florence Program. Though the experience was grand, Alex is happy to be home and shares her reflections on valuable lessons she learned. Read More
  • Destination Cambridge

    When Erin McKone finally arrived at The Globe Theater in London, she decided it was one of the most spectacular things she had ever seen. "I have taken four Shakespeare classes so this was a dream come true." Study abroad turned out to be an amazing experience! Read More