Graduate, Get a Job: Not Necessarily in That Order

Graduate, Get a Job: Not Necessarily in That Order

by Kristin Boelzner '16, English

Friday, April 7, 2017

Student at commencement wears cap with "HIRE ME" on it

Graduation approaching can be a scary time, with finals and job searching looming in the near future. But here is some great news: You don’t have to wait until you graduate to start looking for jobs!

Luckily for us, UNH Manchester students have the Internship and Career Planning (I&CP) office, an incredible resource to take some of the stress and confusion out of the career search. Class of 2015 graduates Sarah Britton and Chris Kinney took advantage of that resource, both landing jobs in their fields before being handed their diplomas.

Britton, an alumna of the communication arts program, chose UNH Manchester because she needed a college that was close, affordable and gave her the flexibility to work.

“I needed to balance a job for income, and go to school,” Britton said.

With graduation almost near, Britton wanted to do more than wait tables after she walked across the commencement stage. She wanted to put her degree into action, so she sought out I&CP to revamp her resume and begin actively searching.

"It was the preparation, taking what I have done and putting in on paper, that was a help to me," Britton said.

And the search paid off – before graduation, Britton landed a job as the Guest Experience Coordinator at Grappone Automotive. She said the core mission of the company to treat people with integrity, kindness and respect, which mirrors what she learned in the classroom.

“I’ve learned interpersonal skills in the different realms of communications courses I have taken at UNH Manchester, and apply them to the diverse number of people I encounter everyday,” Britton said.

Chris Kinney transferred to UNH Manchester from the Durham campus to be closer to his family, and was surprised to see the how determined the staff and faculty are to help students reach their career goals. He said the I&CP office, in particular, prepared him for his job search.

“They really helped me go into that next level of detail on my resume,” Kinney said.

Kinney majored in business with a focus in finance and accounting, and he knew he wanted a job in that field. After an active job search, Kinney accepted a position as a Channel Reporting Coordinator at Axis Communications. Kinney said UNH Manchester's focus on career-driven education helps graduates get the jobs they want. 

“UNH Manchester really prepares you for the real world,” Kinney said. “I had three job offers because they had me thinking about my future so early, and planning it out.”

UNH Manchester offers the career-driven programs, faculty talent and student-centered community to shape your future.
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