From Student to Teacher: Master's Candidate Ready for Career in Education

From Student to Teacher: Master's Candidate Ready for Career in Education

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Andrew LeFrancois is graduating with his master's in education from UNH Graduate School on May 19.

While completing his bachelor’s degree in social thought and political economy, Andrew LeFrancois discovered a passion for teaching through a service learning opportunity working with elementary students. Through conversations with educators, he learned that to advance in a career in education, he would need to go to graduate school.

“Ultimately, I came to UNH for its reputation,” LeFrancois said. “It didn’t matter who I asked, everyone recommended the UNH Education program. Most programs only put you in the classroom for one semester. At UNH you have a full year of supervised internship.”

UNH has become well-known for its teacher preparatory programs, including the accelerated master’s program in which qualified students with a 3.2 GPA can be dually enrolled in both their undergraduate and graduate programs in their senior year. Students that earn their UNH master’s degree complete a yearlong supervised internship at a school, making graduates highly sought after by school districts.

LeFrancois' advisor Dr. Maryann Minard, clinical assistant professor of education, said he will make a fantastic teacher.

“Andrew exemplifies excellence as a graduate student and as an aspiring teacher. His academic achievements, his integrity, his commitment to working with young learners, and his sensitivity to the needs of his students and his peers are exceptional," Minard said. "Andrew has a bright future ahead of him as an educator, and much to contribute to his chosen profession.”

LeFrancois is completing his Master’s in Education with a 4.0 GPA, and is well respected by his instructors and his peers. He attributes his success to his family and friends, fellow interns, cooperating teacher and professors.  He hopes to teach K-5 in New Hampshire.

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