UNH Graduate Student Combatting Homelessness in NH through Field Experience

UNH Graduate Student Combatting Homelessness in NH through Field Experience

by David Muse

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

UNH Graduate Student Combatting Homelessness in NH through Field Experience

Graduate School Information Session at Manchester Campus on Wednesday, December 3

As temperatures begin to plummet in New Hampshire residents are firing up the wood stove or turning up the heat on their thermostats. This works for most but is not an option for an estimated 2,576 homeless people in New Hampshire, as reported by the NH Department of Health & Human Services. 

Daniel Bricker is working to combat homelessness and provide other important social services to those in need, while he works full time and takes weekend classes. Bricker joins 25 other UNH graduate students in the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program in the weekend program offered at the Manchester campus. As part of their graduate program, students are required to complete two field placements. Bricker is in his first placement at Healthcare for Homeless (HCH), where he assists program participants as they receive a variety of services, ranging from: housing issues, substance abuse and disorders, domestic violence, and mental health issues.

“Some people suffer a particular injury then begin to self-medicate with drugs or other substances,” said Bricker. I want them to know that they can be helped.” Bricker said the social service programs in NH offer a multi-disciplinary approach to providing people with the assistance they need.

“In NH we do not only look at problems like mental health, vagrancy, and substance abuse disorders just as a law enforcement issue; we get other organizations involved and think outside the box as how we can best serve the clients.”

Bricker is a former Marine Scout Sniper Team Member, Police SWAT Team Member, United Nations War Crimes Tribunal Criminal Extrication/Bodyguard Team Member, U.S. State Department Afghanistan Diplomatic Security Team Member and New Hampshire Police Academy Training Lieutenant. “As a police officer I was able to see firsthand how poverty and drug abuse can rip apart a community and I wanted to be able to do something more about it.”

“The Manchester MSW program provided me with flexibility to keep my full-time job while going to school. I have access to top-notch professors that have a wide breadth of experiences which have provided me the ability to learn about the life span process of a person, and really teach me how analyze social welfare policy and how it affects my clients.”

Bricker is expected to graduate from the MSW program in 2016 and will continue to enjoy and learn from his internship that lasts through May.

“People are resilient, even when things seem surmountable, we are capable of change, and EVERY person can improve their situation.”

If you have a passion for helping people, join Bricker and other social work professionals in class by enrolling in UNH’s Master of Social Work (MSW) Program or Substance Use Disorders Graduate Certificate Program. The MSW program at the Manchester Campus is offered in a weekend format and is currently reviewing applications for Fall 2015.

Attend our next Information Session on Wednesday, February 4th.

For more information or to register for the session, visit: http://gradschool.unh.edu/manchester/php/gsmc_reg.php or call 603-641-4313.

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