Bio Major, Refugee Runs for Manchester Alderman

Bio Major, Refugee Runs for Manchester Alderman

Biological Sciences major Hassan Essa '19 centers campaign on rejuvenating city

by Kassidy Taylor

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hassan Essa '19

Hassan Essa '19 was just two years old when he and his family left Kuwait for Manchester. Now, the 20-year-old biological sciences major and N.H. Air National Guardsman is running for city alderman.

Essa's campaign is built upon ensuring a safe, diverse and economically prosperous future for Manchester. He says the potential that the city has is what inspired him to run for alderman.

"Whether that is further developing the Mills or embracing the diversity that we have in this city, Manchester can be outstanding," Essa said. "If elected, my focus will be to hire a full-time grant writer for the city to bring in more resources, building communities and infrastructure, to work towards improving Manchester’s schools and improving public safety."

Helping others has always been important to Essa, who chose to study biological sciences to prepare him for a career in optometry. Essa says the culture at UNH Manchester mirrors the friendly, collaborative spirit that exists in the larger Manchester community.

"The most rewarding part of my UNH Manchester experience has been the countless personal connections that I have made with the different kinds of people there. Professors, staff and students alike are all so welcoming and friendly," Essa says. "The UNH Manchester culture is one that exemplifies what Manchester should strive for."

Learn more about Essa's past and his vision for the future of Manchester in his recent interview with New Hampshire Public Radio.

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