Email Help

Creating your account:

Degree Students

A UNH email account is automatically created for you once you become a student at UNH (which happens after you accept an offer of admission). This address gets assigned after June 1st for the fall and summer terms, and after November 1st for spring and winter terms. Note that you must have accepted the offer of admission, and had that acceptance processed by our Admissions office for your email account to be generated.

Non-Degree Students

A UNH email account is automatically created the day after you register for classes for a particular term.

Activate your Email Address

To activate your UNH email address you need to login to your MyUNH account with your assigned MyUNH ID and password (for instructions on how to activate your IT ID please see our MyUNH Help page).

After you have logged into your MyUNH account select the "WildcatsMail for Students" link from the "UNH Tools" menu on the left of the page. Follow the instructions in order to activate your email account. Should you have questions or problems, call the UNH Help desk (603-862-4242), Manchester IT (603-641-HELP), or stop by the Learning Commons Help Desk on the second floor for assistance.

Click here for more information about student email.

Read your UNH email!

It is important to note that the university considers your UNH Email Address to be your official email address for all electronic communication. Once you become a student we will use your assigned UNH Email Address for all electronic communication. Correspondence relating to bills, reminders about registration, events, and other important notifications are just some of the forms of communication that will be done by your email address.

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Able to log into Blackboard but having trouble accessing other computer resources such as your UNH Email? Click the "Link-Up!" link under "Login Help" to synchronize your passwords.