Program Mentors

orientation leaders

Our Program Mentors are here to make sure that you feel connected to your major. They are senior students within the major that have deep connections to faculty members and encourage students to network and become active in personal and professional development. Their purpose is to ensure that new students understand all of the opportunities available to them. In September, Program Mentors organize and run the annual program reception which welcomes new and current students, faculty members, alumni and other students who may be interested in exploring new programs.

Meet the Program Mentors

Amelia Keane

Amelia Keane is a senior in the Biology program. She is a native of Nashua, NH and grew up with her parents and three sisters. After high school Amelia attended Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California. Shortly after coming back to New Hampshire she enlisted into the U.S. Army Reserve as a medic. This is her first year as Biology Program Mentor. Last fall, she started the first club whose focus was on environmental sustainability at UNH Manchester called, Our World. One notable project she is working on within the club is restoring the school’s recycling process by implementing a new program that focuses on process efficiency and educating students. She is also on the committee for Students Veterans of America chapter and a board member on the Committee for Student Collaboration. In the future, Amelia hopes to attend medical school where she will pursue an MD/PhD dual degree. She would like to work in the Public Health sector with a special emphasis on epidemiology.

Connor Lenfest

Connor Lenfest is the Program Mentor for the Psychology department. He is a 2013 graduate of Salem High School, and a senior in the Psychology program. He has three years of experience as a peer tutor for Psychology and Undergraduate Writing, and also works as a clerical assistant in the Center for Academic Enrichment and the UNH Manchester Graduate School. He has been the leader of UNH Manchester's Be Involved Club for community service since the fall of 2013, and emphasizes community building as a major component for student success.