Graphic Design Request

Turnaround: Your project will be added to the design queue upon receiving your job submission (this form) and the content (see below). When choosing your “date needed” date, keep in mind that simple or repeat projects that have simple updates may take up to a couple of weeks to turnaround. New projects may take up to 4-6 weeks, and larger or more complicated projects may take longer. We work hard to meet the ever-increasing need for graphic design, so be in touch if you have a concern about your project’s potential turnaround time. If your project is of a rush nature based on circumstance, we can discuss and see if we may be able to expedite the project.

Content/image files: Email the text for your project as a Word document to If you have specific images in mind, please email these as well (please provide high resolution artwork). If you’d like direction on the content, need a word count, or would like input on what type of project it should be (I.e. Brochure versus a flyer) we’d be happy to set up a call or meeting with you to discuss. When creating the content, consider who, what, when, where and why questions about your activity.

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