Workplace Learning

The Office of Human Resources Workplace Learning is dedicated to promoting and supporting employee growth and development by providing and/or supporting high-quality, workplace professional development programs and services while also providing connections or information for employees with training and development resources within UNH and USNH.

HR's Workplace Learning goal is to provide access to workshops, training courses and seminars to help employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for their jobs and to assist employees with their professional and personal growth and development.

Staff Professional Development Grant

The Staff Professional Development Grant Program provides the opportunity to attain new skills or knowledge in a manner that will enhance a staff member's performance and be of specific benefit to the department and/or college. Such opportunities might include on and off-campus conferences, workshops and seminars, academic courses not offered within the University System, travel and accommodations for off campus programs, and special projects, including but not limited to research, publication or training/certification directly related to the staff member's position. The Professional Development Grants may not be used to cover meal expenses for one-day conferences.

UNH Manchester Staff Professional Development Grant Program Committee

UNHM Staff Professional Development Grant Program Committee The Committee will be composed of five members; a combination of PAT Staff and Operating Staff. Length of service will be no more than 4 consecutive years.

Grant Criteria

All applicants must be in a benefits-eligible UNHM position for at least six months prior to the date of the proposed professional development activity. The Committee will entertain an exception to these criteria for employees who transferred from other USNH institutions. No more than one award per person during a twelve-month period (July 1 - June 30).

The Committee will NOT fund:

  • computer hardware
  • software
  • journals/books
  • individual Memberships to associations or organizations

Department Contribution

This program is intended as a complement to, not in lieu of, departmental funds. Please provide an explanation if the department is not contributing to the costs.

Personal Investment

The Staff Professional Development Grant Committee believes that it is extremely important that individuals who apply for funds make some personal investment in their own development. The investment can be a monetary contribution of personal funds or it can be of a non-monetary nature such as use of a personal car or staying with relatives rather than a hotel. Staff members are not required to make a personal investment in order to receive funds but the Committee strongly encourages individuals to do so.

Funding limits

Grants will not exceed $750.00. If expenses exceed the award, the UNH Manchester Staff Professional Development Grant Fund will not cover the difference. All receipts for accrued expenses must be submitted to the Chair of the committee within two weeks after completion of the professional development activity. All unclaimed monies will be returned to the Grant Fund. Retroactive reimbursements for individuals will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Grant Committee meeting. Written appeals can be made to a designee of the committee within 20 days of committee action.

Professional development activities are intended to benefit the College. You are encouraged to share your experience with the staff by making a presentation either at a staff meeting or separate meeting.

Proposal Deadlines Grant Notification Date
August 15 August 30
November 15 November 30
February 15 February 28
May 15 May 30


How to Apply

Please complete the professional development proposal and budget forms and submit a copy to the Chair of the committee. Grant applicants will receive written notification from the Committee. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. If you have any questions or concerns about your grant funding, or need assistance with this application please contact any of the committee members.