Student Services

Early Alert

The goal of the Early Alert System (EAS) is to effect positive change in students’ behavior before it is too late, to utilize campus resources, and to cultivate habits for success.

An EAS form allows faculty to alert the Academic Outreach Committee of any student who is showing signs of concern. These may range from not making satisfactory progress and/or exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty, such as poor attendance or participation in class, to personal conflicts impacting class performance. Forms are located online at:

Faculty are encouraged to use these forms at the first sign of a student struggling in a course. The Academic Outreach Committee will meet to discuss the course of action to follow up with the students and connect them with the necessary resources. The committee will also follow up with the faculty member who submits an Early Alert once action is taken. Reporting begins at the beginning of each semester and faculty of all classes are encouraged to participate in EAS.

Submit an Early Alert Form